Business Allowances 2023. How To Get Them?

Business Allowances 2023. How To Get Them?

Business Allowances: Have you decided to start a business in the coming year? At the beginning of a career in industry, business grants can be a suitable stepping stone. If you meet the conditions, there is no reason not to use a few thousand euros to support a good idea from the state. The article will explain how to get a business allowance in 2023.

Subsidy enshrined in law

Subsidy for business is mentioned precisely in § 49 of Act no. 5/2004 Coll. on employment services and changes and additions to specific laws, as amended. It is essential to know that it is mainly referred to as a self-employment allowance, and all other guidelines are based on this.

Procedure for obtaining a business subsidy in 2023

In principle, the basic policy does not change from previous years. The basis remains the same.

In this section, we will describe everything that the applicant must fulfil:

The applicant must:

  • Be registered as unemployed at the employment office for at least three months.
  • Will be a self-employed person or will carry out agricultural production, including forest management,
  • The contribution is requested in writing by the relevant labour office according to the planned place of business.

Mandatory attachments are part of the application. Including the business plan and the calculation of operating costs, which, after submission, become part of the grant application.

The business plan, together with the cost calculation, is the basis for assessment by the commission created by the committee for employment issues.

The office can ensure the completion of preparation for starting a business, or it is possible to complete several free online courses for beginning entrepreneurs.

Remember the correct procedure

Even in 2023, A person registered at the labor office for three months and only then received a certificate of business authorization can obtain a business allowance. There is no other way.

If, for example, you were to start your business and then request a contribution, you would not go. Many people need to be sufficiently aware of this.

You can only ask for some things

We will explain what type of business the contribution is not intended for in the following section:

Important information is that the business allowance cannot be obtained for the type of business for a limited liability company or freelancers.

The allowance can only be obtained for running a business or carrying out agricultural production, including farming in forests and water bodies, i.e., a so-called self-employed farmer.

It should be remembered that only natural persons will receive the allowance. Even a person who wants to start a business as a doctor, interpreter, architect, or freelancer cannot enjoy the funding for the business. Likewise, it is impossible to finance a limited liability company or a joint-stock company from the contribution.

The contribution amount will change again

We will give you an overview of what the amount of the contribution depends on and how it is calculated here:

As in other years, the district’s contribution amount will also vary in 2023. Its amount is calculated as a multiple of the total price of work calculated from the average salary of an employee for the first to third quarter of 2022.

This should be distinct from the minimum wage. In the case of a business allowance, it depends on the average salary. Nevertheless, it is safe to say that the contribution will grow. In 2022, according to estimates, the average wage should have increased by several tens of euros, which will be reflected several times in the subsidy received.

The specific labor office is obliged to inform about the exact amount in the given district.

The possibility of a second chance

In 2023, Interested parties will be able to return to the game, which had already received a subsidy to support businesses that ended their business in 2020. 

However, more challenging conditions must be considered when granting a second chance.

How to proceed when applying for a subsidy again? Read here:

Only unemployed persons who have already been registered at the labor office for at least 12 months and who have suspended, interrupted, or stopped running their business in the six months before being entered in the register of applicants may apply for a new application for business restart.

It is also necessary to pay attention to the situation if you may not have run a business but were a self-employed farmer, partner, member of the statutory body, or supervisory body of a commercial company, etc.

Therefore, if you want to receive the subsidy again, you must:

Be registered at the labour office from January 1, 2023, at the latest.

Since July 1, 2022, at the latest, the business has been suspended, or the company has been cancelled.

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