Google AdSense, What Is It And How Will It Help You Earn Money With Your Website?

Google AdSense, What Is It And How Will It Help You Earn Money With Your Website?

More and more bloggers, publishers and owners of all kinds of web pages use Google AdSense to earn money thanks to the “rental” of their advertising space. Google AdSense is responsible for filling these spaces with the ads that best suit the advertisers, rewarding the advertiser with an amount in return.

Now… How profitable can it be to monetize your website with Google AdSense ? What are the main pros and cons? These are some of the questions that you should ask yourself before working with the Google platform and for which we will offer you answers in this article.

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What is Google AdSense and how does it work?

Google AdSense is a platform that connects advertisers and publisher websites who wish to take advantage of these spaces to display the advertiser’s ads in exchange for money.

As a publisher, you must register your website on this platform and connect it through a code that will go into the source code of your website. The operation is simple, Google Adsense will manage the display of the ads that will appear on your website and the benefit you receive will be based basically on the number of visits your site receives, number of clicks, location of your target audience, niche in which you move etc

In the same way, the advertiser will pay Google AdSense a part so that their ads can be displayed on your website and others managed by the platform. A part of the money will be received by you in exchange for lending your advertising space.

There are different opinions about the effectiveness of betting on a monitoring strategy for your website with Google AdSense or not. Many publishers or advertisers argue that they receive too little from the advertiser and they can only make money if they receive millions of users. However, this fact is relative, it is true that they usually charge little for each conversion, but this factor will depend on other factors such as the niche in which they move and the quality of content offered on their site, being able to earn good sums of money by receive more value for the conversions generated.

Participating agents and operation of the Google AdSense algorithm

You must also understand which players participate massively in Google Adsense every day and how its algorithm works, which establishes the rules of the game between the different agents. With it, you will find:

  • Advertisers: These are companies and individuals that generate ads to promote their products or services, through the tools provided by Google. Once they develop these ads, they should consider where to publicize these and that is where Google AdSense intervenes.
  • Advertising spaces : These are spaces in the different webmasters, offered by those advertisers like you, which serve for Google AdSense to place the advertisers’ ads. These spaces can be banners, side spaces, headers, paragraphs or footers of articles, among others.
  • The AI, or the arbitrator, of Google AdSense: The advertiser registers with Google their preferences when displaying an ad (price willing to pay, keywords, customer interests, etc.) and that is when Artificial Intelligence is in charge of ordering said requests to place the ads in the most appropriate advertising spaces. The system automatically fits the ads into the different spaces and considering the user profile (according to their search history) that is accessing them at that moment.

The Google AdSense algorithm works therefore the organization of infinite, instantaneous and automatic bids (programmatic advertising). The algorithm will ensure that there is a certain relationship between the theme of the advertising space, the interests of the user and what the ad offers. The quality offered in the ad and the bid established by the advertiser will be decisive when competing with other advertisers for these spaces.

Pros and cons

Now that we know how Google AdSense works, it is convenient to do a brief review of what are the main pros and cons that we will find.


  • Ease of registration and management. Creating a verified account is a simple and free process.
  • Millions of advertisers, millions of opportunities . By generating competition between them to place their ads on your website, it will be more likely that they will pay more for this space.
  • The segmentation is coherent and according to your interests. Ads aligned with the style and theme of your landing will be displayed.
  • You can control the ads to show. You can choose the type of ads you can display, as well as the format.
  • Possibility of obtaining passive income. No matter how little you earn, it will be better than nothing. Using Google AdSense you can only earn money, never lose.


  • You need a lot of traffic. To earn a really relevant figure with Google AdSense you must have at least thousands of daily visits.
  • You need a high pay per click (CPC). You will need to come up with a niche keyword for which you will earn a relatively high income per click generated.
  • More effective optimization requires more complex knowledge. You will need to invest in knowledge, especially code editing, to get the most out of Google AdSense.
  • Advertising can deteriorate the user experience. If you abuse this you can cause rejection among your visitors.
  • It can take time to generate income. It may take time until you manage to earn a minimum of €100 per month.

How much does Google AdSense pay?

The main keys when it comes to obtaining significant income with Google Adsense is in:

  • Generate many clicks.
  • Receive paid clicks at a high price.

Adsense mainly pays per click (CPC) and per impressions (CPM) , the latter being redundant as it generates little relative revenue.

Therefore, we are going to focus on this first system. In general, the cost to pay is determined by a bidding system, as we saw previously. After winning the bid, the advertiser gets your ad space and pays Google for each click generated. It is between 60% and 70% the commission that you can receive per click generated by offering your advertising space, possibly a little less if you deduct taxes. This is an amount that is not bad, but under which you will have to generate many quality clicks to add a considerable amount.

In reality, there are few websites capable of monetizing a significant amount of money exclusively using AdSense, and this will also depend to a large extent on the chosen niche and the volume of traffic generated. However, betting on Google Adsense can mean obtaining a source of passive income that will undoubtedly add value to the result of your business and that you should not underestimate. With which, we recommend you explore the possibilities that Google AdSense can offer you and assess its implementation.

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