Corporate Identity – What Makes It All?

Corporate Identity – What Makes It All?

These questions are answered by a summary of corporate activities involved in building corporate identity, also known as the English equivalent of corporate identity. You can read about everything that helps create a corporate identity in the following lines.

Design manual

Sometimes, a cursory glance is enough to know what brand or company it is. The design manual is a company set of documents that describe the company’s visual elements. These are logos, business cards, fonts or uniforms. In connection with the design, the website design also contributes to the corporate identity. Even a company slogan is often added to the creation of the manual, as it can also be visually creative. The visual elements are the first thing the recipients will encounter, and according to it, they can quickly form an association with you that defines you in the market. Nothing differentiates you more effectively than a different look from other companies.

Corporate culture

We can define a company not only by graphics but also by deeds and activities. Some companies are memorable for charitable help, organizing rally events, garbage collection, daily breakfasts, outdoor meetings, giving bananas as gifts to their employees and many other behaviors. According to these activities, the company strives to be memorable and to excel. It thus builds an irreplaceable character that can be maintained even after the competition takes over specific actions of the company. What employees do, or the company as a whole, affects the image without debate.

Tone of Voice

How do you communicate with your surroundings? Do you gossip about people? Do you use literary language, or do you tend to use slang? Do you speak professionally or lately? Are you brief and factual in communication or extensive? Answer these questions, and the result will be knowledge of your company’s tone of voice. It identifies your communication against the competition’s communication and impacts how and who will receive your communication. Therefore, setting up your corporate jargon is a means of identifying your company and a targeting tool.


Keyword optimization, abbreviated to SEO, is a matter of analytics in every company and is not the first association that would emerge in connection with a corporate identity. However, if you enter the words “marketing agency Košice” into Google, you will get a list of companies, including ours. You can immediately identify our company and assign it to a market segment. Keyword analysis, which can put you at the forefront of search engines, is thus one of the ways to build a stable and clearly defined corporate identity.


The same parts that make up a corporate identity have their expected impact on the brand’s character if they are consistent. Whether it’s a design manual, corporate culture, Tone of Voice or SEO, they all define your company and create certain expectations for you in the market recipients. These are transformed into your communication, activities, services and work. Stick to what you make and what you define. Only then will your corporate identity be comprehensive and positively received by the public.

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