Mistakes That Kill Your E-Shop (part 2)

Mistakes That Kill Your E-Shop (part 2)

The list of diseases in our e-shop is long and can be viewed from various perspectives. Last week, in the article Mistakes that kill your e-shop (part 1), I focused on elementary errors that are repeated e-shops. In this article, you will find other errors I encountered. I intentionally list those that can be removed very easily. Another frequent shortcoming in the field of e-shop marketing will be addressed in more detail in another article.

The calculation of errors is long, but be aware that even 1 point from this list deprives you of customers and orders.

Difficult navigation

From the customer’s point of view, a simple ordering process is a very important element for e-shop shopping. Make sure that the customer simply and easily goes through your e-shop after sending the order. Keep in mind that not all customers are technically proficient and not all customers have a shopping experience. Ask family, friends of different ages to place an order in your e-shop. Then focus your attention on the most problematic sections.

Content is missing

Many e-shop owners underestimate the content on their sites. A statement, but people don’t want to read it , is an excuse to justify their habits and comfort. The customer relationship does not just want to buy from you, he is looking for answers to his questions, he needs advice and to solve his problem. You don’t help him, he goes where he is ordered and buys. And pages with a small amount of content – text are not approved by Google either.

If you want to sell, fill your e-shop with quality customer-relevant content. Offer customers a Google-friendly page and give them what they want.

Poor product description

One of the fatal mistakes in online shopping is literally a poor description of the products sold. It’s unbelievable how many retailers expect customers to buy a “cat in a bag”.

Take a look at your product texts from the customer’s point of view. The supplier informs you about the novelty in the offer but provides you with only 1 photo of the product. Of course, he expects you to buy the goods.

Would you buy this product without having all the information you need to buy? Do you make a purchase without knowing exactly how the goods work, how big they are, how they are controlled, what they consist of, what benefits will the purchase bring you?

If you know your customers, you know what frequently asked questions they have, which parameters interest them the most, what and why decide on their purchase. When writing texts about products, try to introduce the customer to the 2nd page of the telephone line and your task is to give him the product he is interested in describing. A well-described product and a strong call to action can have a big impact on the customer to put the goods in the cart and make a purchase.

Note: Do not copy texts from competitors, do not settle for the description of products from the supplier. Create your own original texts. You build trust in them, you support SEO and Google rewards you with a better position in the search engine.

References from customers are missing on the eshop website

With evaluations from customers who have already bought from you, you increase the credibility of your e-shop and have great power to influence an indecisive buyer. Take advantage of all reviews from customers, such as product comparators, bazaar portals, your Facebook page, or e-mail communication, and place them in a visible place in the e-shop. A positive customer experience is the best recommendation for your business.

No value

Whenever I come to an online store unknown to me in order to spend the money I earn, the first thing I deal with is what the store offers me other than 1,000 other similar e-shops.

Why should I shop in your e-shop? If this information is not concisely on the front page, I’m gone within 5 seconds.

Give customers a unique reason to buy from you. Do you have all the goods ready to ship immediately? Are you the cheapest? Do you provide a 3-year warranty on the goods?

If there is something specific in your e-shop, make sure that the customer has it in front of their eyes so that they understand the value you provide within 5 seconds.

The e-shop does not offer purchases without registration

As you probably know, buying without registration is becoming more common. We live in a rapidly changing world with lots of impatient people who want goods now. If the purchase in your e-shop is only possible after registration, it is high time to change it. On the other hand, when buying without registration, buyers have less time to hesitate whether to buy the goods or not, so you will have fewer abandoned baskets.

Sending the goods ends it

Goods shipped and I can relax. A mistake! After sending the order and its delivery, make sure that the customer is satisfied. Even with any small problem, try to solve the situation to the customer’s satisfaction, because you never know whether the € 7 purchase value will not increase over time to an amount ending in two zeros, for example. And don’t forget to ask for a review.

As you may know, I run a company that helps e-shop and website owners improve their position in a competitive environment. 99% of our clients want more customers, turn visitors into customers, and gain loyal customers.

Running an online store is hard work, but no matter how much work and effort you have already put in, even small flaws and mistakes can be big saboteurs in your success. However, a large number of online store owners cannot find the time to eliminate the shortcomings.

When building an online business, set priorities. Realize that in the strong competition you have to be something special for the customer.

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