Software Development And Innovation

Software Development And Innovation

The use of software development in companies is, without a doubt, the key to success due to the growth that they provide. However, the changing environment in which we find ourselves has transformed the way business is done and the work behind software engineering. In this sense, the traditional methods on which its development was based are reconsidered and revolutionized. Today, software development promotes new methodologies that allow increased productivity and agile response to user needs at a lower cost and time.

Thus, software development is not easy and involves using various methods to achieve innovative, high-quality results. In the following sections, you will learn about methodologies that facilitate the creation of innovative products, the achievement of a user-centered design, and the management of projects in an agile way. Finally, we will give you some examples of software solutions.

Innovation Methodologies

Today innovation becomes essential for those companies that want to stand out from their competitors and respond quickly to the needs of their customers. For this reason, before starting a project that aims to innovate in the market, it is advisable first to try some of these ideas to quickly validate whether the proposal will generate value.

Two of the most widespread methodologies are, without a doubt, Design Thinking and Design Sprint. Both have a similar purpose: to validate a new idea in the shortest time possible. This is key before investing in software development, especially in innovative processes. This allows us to bet more safely considering the investigation results.

The most popular of them is Design Thinking. This methodology is focused on the user, that is, learning from the user’s reactions when using the product. At the same time, Google’s Design Sprint validates the feasibility of a project in a maximum of 5 days. This methodology takes the best of Design Thinking, business strategies, behavior analysis, etc., seeking to reduce the maturation cycle of a product. In this way, it provides a quick overview considering customers’ needs.

Product Design

Once the proposal was validated, it was time to think about its design. If we are looking for a user-centered design, two areas will help us create a solid and valid plan before developing it.

User Experience, better known as UX, involves design as such and innovation and customer focus. Within the UX, we seek to understand the problem to be solved and thus select the strategy to address said conflict. All this is in conjunction with a product, market, and user research. It should be added that these activities that are part of the UX are flexible and adapt to the present circumstances. Design Thinking is also considered a work tool that makes UX design possible.

On the other hand, we have the User Interface or UI. The interface is the group of screen elements that allow users to interact with the developed software. These elements are the information architecture, the interaction patterns, and the visual elements, which guide the user in using the tool. It is essential to mention that the information architecture is also part of the UX. It is developed simultaneously as the low fidelity designs, while the UI implies the hifi design.

How are both related? While the UX is what you want the user to feel when entering the web and involves its operation, the UI is put on the screen to handle it. UX is a process from start to finish, with UI being one of the final stages of design, where the components and aesthetic elements are presented in high fidelity, as it will look like a final product.

Projects Management

Finally, it is essential to carry out adequate management to guarantee the project’s success. In that order of ideas, using an agile development framework is one of the most suitable ways to achieve the stated objective by providing quick responses in constantly changing environments. Such is the case of the Scrum framework, other adaptations of agile methodologies, and some nuances between these methodologies.

We believe that the roles of Product Owner (PO), Technical Product Owner (TPO), and Digital Product Manager (DPM) must be present for an ideal software development project management. The PO, who is a figure of the Scrum and fulfills the primary management role, is in charge of defining and suggesting the sprints of the project after coordination with the client. Likewise, he represents the client’s wishes in front of the development work team. On the other hand, the profile of the TPO is the technical leader of the group who will make the necessary technical decisions and even coordinate with the client’s technical teams.

The work teams will be made up of different roles depending on the software to be developed. In this sense, in addition to the PO and TPO, there are profiles such as UI Designer, UX Designer, Frontend Developer, Backend Developer, Mobile Developer, Quality Assurance, among others. The number and specialization of other profiles will depend on the software development, the programming languages, the technology to be used, etc. However, the previously mentioned profiles fulfill a complete and sufficient structure for developing high-quality software.

Some Software Solutions

These innovative techniques, product design, and agile methodologies in project management give us various innovative software solutions. These allow us to satisfy the needs of the user and provide a better digital experience such as:

Mobile Apps

Since the release of the iPhone to the market and the appearance of the App Store as the first marketplace for applications, there has been a revolution in mobile phones, and it has marked the beginning of innovation through the creation of new applications. These apps emerge as “pocket software” to get the most out of your mobile device. On the other hand, it is essential to know that the development of an app takes into account several stages and how to strategically choose between the result of a native or hybrid app according to the purposes of the project.

Currently, the two most popular platforms are Android and iOS. These allow developers to create programs to improve the lives of customers further. While at the marketplace level, we have three big players: Google Play, App Store, and App Gallery, where developers worldwide can publish their applications. Apple has subscriptions at the traditional level ( Apple Developer Program ) and the enterprise-level ( Apple Developer Enterprise Program ). In this context, the ASO (App Store Optimization) has also become a trend within the world of developers; Therefore, some factors must be taken into account when publishing your app and thus achieve the expected positioning.

Web Development And Web Applications

From an informative web page (landing page) to an application for your company that allows you to manage the entire commercial operation as an e-commerce, web applications have been replacing the old desktop apps as the internet has improved. In this sense, web applications allow the user to be informed and interact with it in a new way to achieve the established objectives. A new option on the market is the progressive web apps, which are web applications but with modern web features.


The level of maturity and innovation present in Artificial Intelligence has reached a point that allows us to build cognitive agents capable of interacting with our users. Suppose the automation of the processes allowed you to optimize times and costs now, thanks to chatbots. In that case, you have at your disposal a tool that helps your client or user to maximize their time, and therefore, generate a pleasant experience. It is essential to consider certain factors before developing a chatbot, such as the service channel of your business, the type of platform you would like to create, and the conversation with the user.


Finally, the significant software changes have driven this need to find and create new work and management methodologies, ensuring timely delivery and product quality. Within this context, the use of agile methods and other practices in software development contributes to the production of a high-quality product designed to measure and adapt to the changing needs of the user.

At DOAPPS, we work under the framework of agile methodologies because it allows us to validate products in less time, create user-centered designs and manage each of the project stages agilely. The choice of the methods to be used and the set of all these activities is intangible for the final product’s success. This results in several innovative products based on software and satisfactory processes for both the client and the team behind the development.

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