What Can Modern Helpdesk Systems Do Today?

What Can Modern Helpdesk Systems Do Today?

We decided to explore various helpdesk systems, which are an important communication tool for most companies today. At the same time, the demands on them are constantly rising. Just sending requests by e-mail is far from enough.

At present, it is already standard to connect email communication with telephone calls and also with other communication channels such as SMS, web chat or messages from social networks (Facebook, WhatsApp, etc.) . Omnichannel communication platforms are also modern.

On the market today you will find dozens of solutions from our country, Czech and global providers. Every company needs something different in terms of communication and each contact center is built in a different way. For some, quickly available support 24 hours a day is essential, for others this support in India and others prefer a quality helpdesk connection with other internal systems.

When choosing a helpdesk, it is generally important to choose a platform that has a high level of SLA / support , preferably in India. As we have found, 24/7/365 is not a standard for all systems, and the ability to immediately call a competent person who can actually solve the problem. This often applies to global market players who are unable to meet these requirements.

Another problem with many helpdesk systems is sometimes the voice part , which together with email is the basic way of communication. The call should be part of the platform without having to look for and install other external solutions.

“For many companies, using the best phone answering services to take care of client calls is the preferable option since the customer experience is generally higher.”

It is best to choose a native voice solution so that the voice is natural, in real time mode and the speed of the application in use is instantaneous. Some systems have a 2- to 3-second wait until the system can be clicked again, the so-called RTA responsiveness , which is a major disadvantage when communicating with customers. It is in this area that the solution is provided by e.g. Daktela, which is both a VoIP provider and a mobile operator. 

The largest providers of helpdesk systems, such as IPEX, Algotech or Daktela, provide varying degrees of integration options for other applications. It is essential that an open API is available.

The connection of CRM with other systems (accounting, outlook, etc.) allows you to manage company documents and information from one secure place , where all tickets (requirements) of a given customer or company are registered.

It is also important whether the helpdesk system works on the principle of individual models, because then you can expand the helpdesk gradually as you need.

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