What Types Of Headphones Are There And Which Ones Are Right For You?

What Types Of Headphones Are There And Which Ones Are Right For You?

We did not meet yesterday. Headphones have been in our lives since the Walkman and the CD player. The times when we exchanged CDs may seem ancient, but in relatively few years, the sound has evolved so much that you are now in a dilemma: a trilogy or a quadruple: Which headphones should I choose?

What suits you, we will answer. That they will keep you company in the “wait” at the bank without tiring you. That will “save” you from the open televisions of the neighbors with complete isolation. And, of course, the ones that will ideally serve your needs.

Head lice

The so-called “lice” were the first “tiny” headphones, and they broke when they first appeared on the market. They were portable, small in size, and minimally weighted.


Today, we came across two main categories of “small” headphones: the first is Earbuds. They have a wide surface and are placed on the outside of the ear. Ideally for them, they are annoyed by the headphones that enter the ear. They are also easier to clean and convenient for long trips where you want to lie down on a pillow. (Tested).


The second category of lice is in-ear. They are “attached” to the fin and applied to the inside of the ear to isolate external noises. They offer deep bass and stay true to almost everything you do. I am Danish for those on the go daily or in crowded places.

in ear

Recommendation: Rock Space Mutto Sports Bluetooth Earphone (Magnetic)

Advantages: They have nano-coating that protects the internal components from sweat.

The best wireless headphones for running

Even if you are not preparing for a Marathon, a pair of “sports” headphones may be right for you. There are wireless headphones that have an ergonomic design that allows them to hug the ear with a silicone hook and always stay in place. They charge with USB and have Bluetooth technology to have your hands free. If you want to take a break, lean on your neck. You say it is practical.

The best wireless headphones for running

Recommendation: Baseus wireless sport headphones S17

Advantages: They have three-frequency technology for 97% noise reduction and waterproofing for water and sweat resistance.

Big headphones

For the most demanding, big headphones guarantee clear sound in the medium and high-frequency range with strong bass. Their disadvantage is portability, but they remain a one-way choice for lovers of music, gaming, and sound. They are divided into over-the-ear and on-ear headphones, and when they have a built-in microphone, they are called headsets.

The Over-the-ear headphones fully embrace the ear with large “cushions” and offer unparalleled quality stereo music and complete isolation from external noises.

The best wireless headphones for running

Recommendation: Monster Ncredible N Pulse headphones

Advantages: It has soft cushions so that the ears do not get tired and passive noise isolation, naturally excluding external sound.

wireless headphones

The On-ear headphones are smaller in size. They basically have “cushions” that cover only the ear and are more comfortable to use. They have top sound quality but less isolation of external noises.

The On-ear headphones

Recommendation: Baseus Enock D02 wireless headphones

Advantages: They are 5.0 wireless Bluetooth headphones, but they also work with a USB cable.

What should you watch out for before buying headphones?

Ohms (Resistance): The higher the resistance value, the better the sound power. If you have a device with a loud sound, then choose 32 or 64 Ohms.

dB (Decibel): The more decibels, the more precise the sound. If you want to use them with a mixing console, prefer 100 to 120 dB.

kHz (Response): The more frequencies, the greater the depth of sound. If you want deep bass, then you want a bandwidth greater than 20kHz.

Investment: Headphone comfort is essential. Upholstery with “cushions” or silicone will be suitable for long hours of use without discomfort.

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