Adding Speed With 5G: F5G Opens Up A New Era Of Gigabit Broadcast Commercialization

Adding Speed With 5G: F5G Opens Up A New Era Of Gigabit Broadcast Commercialization

Knowing 5G is not enough. Have you heard of F5G? At the same time as 5G mobile communication time, the fixed network has also developed to the fifth generation (F5G).

The integration between F5G and 5G Internet will accelerate the opening of the smart world of the Internet of Things. The annual international data volume will reach 180ZB. Connectivity is becoming a global phenomenon, leveraging digital systems and delivering the ultimate business experience for everyone, every family, and every organization.

What is F5G?

After the era of 1G (AMPS), 2G (GSM / CDMA), 3G (WCDMA / CDMA2000 / TD-SCDMA), and 4G (LTE TDD / LTE FDD), mobile communication is now 5G represented by technology 5G NR. 5G’s global business migration has boosted the new cycle of the prosperity of the mobile communications industry and provided key contributors for the digital transformation of multiple companies.

Compared with the well-known 5G, people may not be aware of F5G. F3G (30-200 Mbps), F4G megabit theft time (100-500 Mbps) represented by GPON / EPON technology, access to multiple F5G gigabit time represented by 10G PON technology. , the business environment of a fixed network is moving from family to business, transportation, security, industry, and other fields, which will also help the digital transformation of all lifestyles.

Compared with previous generations of fixed-point technologies, the 10G PON gigabit network developed a leap in connection capacity, bandwidth, and user experience, such as up and down speeds up to 10Gbps, and reduced latency to a minimum of 100 mics.

Essentially, the first is an all-optical connection, using the vertical area of ​​the fiber-optic infrastructure to expand the vertical center applications, supporting commercial scenarios to expand more than 10 times, and the number of connections has increased by more than 100 times, enabling that time of fiber-optic connections.

Second, it is high-bandwidth bandwidth, network bandwidth capacity has increased by more than ten times, and the link-up and down integration capabilities bring a seamless experience in the cloud. Wi-Fi6 technology unlocks the last 10 meters of bottles in the Gigabit home broadcast.

Lastly, it is the ultimate experience, supporting 0 packet loss, microsecond retention, and intelligent AI and maintenance to meet the highest business experience requirements of home/industry users. The company’s OLT platform can maintain cache distribution, anti-video streaming, 4K / 8K video speeds, and channel conversion, and supports IntelliSense video experience and troubleshooting.

Gigabit boom business boom is coming

An increase of 20.9%, accounting for 34.8% of GDP. Up 11.5% year-on-year, higher than the growth rate of the country’s average employment at the same time. The rise and fall of the digital economy made the broadcast network a key infrastructure. Special is becoming a major celebrity.

In recent years, with the implementation of the “Broadband China” initiative and the continuous improvement of the “speed and cost reduction” service, China’s fixed-line network has made great strides and has built a world-leading FTTH network. In the second quarter of 2019, the frequency rate to 100M of China was 77.1%, fiber to fiber (FTTH / O) 396 million users, fiber-optic broadcast users were 91% of the broadcast users. , business, technology, and other factors, Gigabit upgrade has become the focus of current development.

White Paper on Gigabit Broadband Network

On May 26th, China Broadband Development Alliance officially released “White Paper on Gigabit Broadband Network Business Application Scenario”, which summarizes 10 business application scenarios of 10G PON Gigabit network, including Cloud VR, a smart home, games, social networks, cloud, business cloud, online education system, telemedicine, and intelligent production, etc., and put forward market space, business model and network requirements of business application scenarios should.

These scenarios can provide users with a better experience, enterprise ecosystem, and growing business applications, and the search for high network bandwidth, which will become a typical business application in the Gigabit era. For example, typical application scenarios of Cloud VR can be divided into cloud giant VR, live broadcast, °, games, music, fitness, K music, social, product purchase, education, educational program, games, marketing, medicine, travel, 5G Technology, and so on. Will bring revolutionary changes to people’s lives and production systems The VR experience also has different requirements for the network, among which bandwidth and retention are the key arrows. Strong VR communication business requires 100Mbps bandwidth and 20ms support delay at the primary level, and 500mbps-1gbps bandwidth and 10ms support a delay in the future.

For example, smart companies integrate technologies such as the Internet, computing, network communication, technology, and management, and are considered the next big blue market. Main application scenarios include 4K HD video, home Wi-Fi network, home storage. , multiple sensors and application control. For example, if you open a proxy server for 5 operations, at least 370 Mbps bandwidth is required, and access delay is guaranteed to be between 20 ms to 40 ms.

Cloud desktops

For example, the application of cloud desktops, not only reduces the burden of moving laptops when business people are on a business trip but also ensures the security of the company’s information assets. support SOHO office via virtual cloud PC hosting. High-definition, smooth, and low latency network can guarantee the same working experience as a local PC. This requires a network bandwidth of more than 100 Mbps and latency of less than 10 ms.

The China University of Information and Communication Technology and standard, deputy secretary-general of the AoLi Broadcast Development League referred to as a business model, enterprise ecosystem, network that created three pillars, the gigabit network will create more application scenarios, by exploring the business scenario application, driving a large gigabit ecosystem, can improve the quality and health of the gigabit industry.

Worker in practice

During the F5G era, China’s fixed-line network continued to be at the forefront of the world. Currently, three major telecommunications companies are promoting the deployment of 10G PON Gigabit networks and exploring partners, a large number of business innovations based on Gigabit frequency. ”Has been a research business, focusing on entertainment events such as big-screen theater, VR event, VR entertainment, Learning VR, VR games, user survival rate reached 62.9%.

On the occasion of “5 · 17”, Guangdong Telecom launched La Telecom Smart Broadband. In addition to the widespread Gigabit cable broadcast for family customers, it also launches three large-scale broadband products for the distributed population – game broadcasting, allowing Gamers to get low latency, low jitter speed experience. to get low latency, high link, and high-definition video upload experience. The Special Dawan Special Line allows government and corporate clients in the Bay Area to get a VIP experience with minimalism, stability and reliability, and stellar service delivery.

Shandong Unicom has also released gigabit smart bandwidth based on 5G, gigabit frequency and WiFi home gigabit, cloud VR, multi-channel 4K, and 8K IPTV, ultra-HD home camera, high-speed data backup, home cloud, and other services.

5G has arrived, and F5G will be fast with it. It is predicted that F5G and 5G will take full advantage of the large bandwidth of optical networks and the migration of wireless networks, and combine the benefits of both to boost the growth of the Gigabit broadcast industry and build more companies. Connect the cornerstone and activate the intelligent world of building the Internet of Everything. In this process, the acquisition of China’s ICT company in the dual Gigabit space will also provide an indication of Gigabit’s global business innovation.

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