Continuous Training, The Hallmark

Continuous Training, The Hallmark

Among the significant internal commitments are continuous training and commitment to people and the development of all its professionals. This is one of the pillars of our People Policy, which allows us to promote the development of all our team members and helps us achieve our goals. 

We know that investment in training is an investment in the future. Over the last year, the learning culture has been strengthened with a new training project around data to link decision-making to data; We also give continuity to online training actions through the e-learning platform adapted to individual learning needs; this is reflected in the perception of a highly valued offer by our professionals (89%). 

Commitment to the quality of our continuous training programs

On this basis, we have built the pillars of our value proposition to the employee and our commitment to talent, which has led us to increase the presence of the training modality within the organization in recent years with higher-quality programs and service providers. Reference. In our annual report, training is configured as one of the most powerful tools to promote professional development and has been valued as one of our strengths in the Great Place to Work survey. 

The commitment of the People and Organization management to the continuous development of all employees is reflected in our Annual Plan and Training courses. It is a plan aligned with our strategic challenges that contemplate the performance of different activities (technical training according to specialty area,  English classes  or training in professional skills) adapted to the needs of each team or profile. 

It is worth highlighting that our professional development programs go beyond training. In this sense, we actively support the role of leaders and employees as promoters of their professional growth. 

For this, we have a performance management tool aimed at continuous improvement, Tandem. 

Professional growth through Tandem

Each male and female employee chooses each year, with their manager’s support, goals and development plan. At the end of the year, the percentage of achievement of the same is analyzed, and each collaborator makes a self-assessment of the performance achieved and their development plan, which the person in charge evaluates. 

The tandem tool allows us to go further since it collects all this information so that the People and Organization team can manage it and use it, for example, to plan training programs and make different decisions about the development professional of our people. 

A company that takes care of training is an excellent company to work for

continuous training is part of the organization’s strategy since it not only allows us to recycle knowledge and improve  teamwork but also to acquire new ones. It also seeks to align us all to the same culture.

These actions have allowed us to gain recognition again this year as one of the best companies, Great Place to Work (GPTW). In addition to our training and professional development policies, there are specific internal communication, conciliation or equality plans that continue to be highly valued by our workers, which results in pride of belonging and an improvement in the work environment.

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