Google Photos Is No Longer Accessible. Discover Other Alternatives

Google Photos Is No Longer Accessible. Discover Other Alternatives

Google Photos, the Google application to save your photos and videos in the cloud, is no longer accessible on June 1. From now on, the available storage will be the one that every Google account has by default, 15 GB, distributed among all the Google apps you use: 

Gmail, Drive, Classroom… The company has announced that all photos and videos stored before June 1 will not be counted against the storage space of the Google account.

The end of the free storage of Google Photos was announced in November 2020. Since the launch of the application in 2015, many users have used this Google tool to save all the photos and images they were capturing with their mobile phones. 

Having a cloud backup of all the multimedia content on their smartphones has become an essential service for many users.

At Techeminds, we have also recommended, and continue to do so in many communications, the need to have a backup copy of all the information in the mobile phone before taking it to an official technical service like ours for repair.

How to continue to have unlimited storage in Google Photos?

From June 1, 2021, to have unlimited storage in Google Photos, it is necessary to contract a Google One payment plan. There are currently three payment plans for personal Google accounts. The prices are established according to the storage space that they contemplate:

  • 100 GB of space: €1.99/month
  • 200 GB: €2.99/month
  • 2 TB: 9,99 €/mes

All Google One payment plans include the help of Google experts to resolve doubts or incidents, the option of adding family members to your schedule, and other advantages such as Google Play credits or special hotel prices.

Another option, as Google has announced, to have the Photos application with unlimited storage for free is to have one of its Google Pixel smartphones.

Although, according to the company, with the free storage available, it will take an average user approximately three years to exhaust the 15 GB, it must be taken into account that many users who use Google Drive and Gmail more frequently could spend it sooner. 

If you want to calculate your estimated time according to your usual Google storage, click here. To know the total space you have occupied in your account, you have to open Google Photos and click on the icon of your user.

Alternatives to Google Photos for cloud storage

When looking for new alternatives to Google Photos, you should keep in mind that, in addition to storing files in the cloud, this app allows you to:

  • Create backup copies of your photos and videos automatically, in high quality (or original quality), in your Google account, which allows you to free up space on your device once deleted.
  • Have brilliant automatic albums of an event, a trip… In addition, you can invite other users to add images to said album.
  • Automation of creations: Google Photos allows you to create collages, animations, and panoramas… You can choose the option that the app makes automatically or do them yourself.
  • Photo editing: with filters, lighting effects, cropping…
  • Smart Search: You can search your photos by people, screenshots, places, or things without tagging them.
  • Create photo books.
  • Access your photos from any device by signing in to your Google account.
  • Give access to your photos to another user with whom you want to share them.

With all these features in mind, let’s see what other cloud storage options are and what they offer.

Amazon Photos

With 5 GB of free storage for any Amazon customer and unlimited space for all Amazon Prime customers, Amazon Photos is one of the alternatives to Google Photos.

In addition to unlimited photo storage, the Amazon app to save your media files in the cloud also offers, for Amazon Prime customers, features such as:

  • smart search,
  • the “Family Archive,” with which you can invite up to 5 users who will also enjoy unlimited storage and with whom you can share photos,
  • 5 GB of video storage,
  • automatic backup,
  • access to your files from any device by signing in to Amazon Photos,
  • Share pictures or albums via SMS, email, or other apps.

Amazon Photos has more than 10 million downloads on Google Play and a rating of 4.6. It is also available for iPhone on the App Store, with a rating of 4.7.


Terabox, an application previously known by the name Dubox, is the option that offers the most significant free storage capacity in the cloud for your photos and videos: 1024 GB, that is, just over 1 TB.

This app, available for Android and iPhone devices, also allows you to create automatic copies of your smartphone’s multimedia files and other documents. Among the functionalities it offers, the following stand out:

  • access to files from any device by logging into Terabox,
  • photo preview and video playback online,
  • creating albums and folders,
  • Share your files,
  • Search by document name or keyword.

To sign up for Terabox, you can create an account or use your Google, Facebook, or Apple username and password.

This application has more than 1 million downloads on Google Play and a rating of 4.6 on the two app download platforms.

Microsoft OneDrive

OneDrive is the Microsoft application that offers you up to 5 GB of free cloud storage, expandable to 100 GB, with the OneDrive Standalone payment option that costs €2.00 per month.

Available for Android and iPhone devices, Microsoft OneDrive is rated 4.6 on the App Store and 4.5 on Google Play, where it has over 1 billion downloads.

Among the functionalities offered by this app, the following stand out:

  • automatic tagging of files to find them quickly,
  • share photo and video albums,
  • digitalization or scanner of documents with the mobile,
  • Office applications for free web: Word, PowerPoint, and Excel online, that is, without installation. You can create, edit and share documents online and work collaboratively with other users,
  • notifications if any file in your shared space is edited,
  • synchronization of folders and files, also from your PC or Mac,
  • Search for files by keyword or creation date,
  • the version history of saved documents (up to 30 days after their last modification),
  • collaboration with other users in real-time.

OneDrive offers other payment options for companies with more features and integration with other applications such as Teams, SharePoint, Exchange, and Publisher…


Dropbox is one of the veteran applications in cloud file storage services. The free version offers up to 2 GB of space that can be expanded up to 2 TB for €9.99 per month.

Dropbox lets you copy, sync, and access documents, photos, and videos from any device by signing in with your user account. With its advanced file-sharing options, you can send large files to the person you want just by sending a link, even if that person doesn’t have a Dropbox account.

Other prominent features of this app are:

  • preview of more than 175 different file types without the need to install special software,
  • scanning documents, receipts, cards, and photos…, and saving them as high-quality PDF files,
  • sync folders with your PC or Mac to make backups, recover old versions, or restore deleted files thanks to version history.

The Plus version of Dropbox (€9.99 / month) also adds other features, such as Dropbox Passwords, which saves and synchronizes passwords on all your devices. Dropbox Vault protects the most critical documents, and Dropbox Rewind allows you to undo changes to a file, a folder, or your entire user account up to 30 days ago.

The Dropbox mobile app has a rating of 4.2 and over 1 billion downloads on Google Play and 4.7 on the App Store.

We hope that these alternatives to Google Photos will interest you. For you to opt for a secure service that offers you adequate data protection, we recommend that, when you hire a cloud storage service, you consult the company’s data so that it is subject to European laws on privacy.

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