New Google Search Methods In 2022

New Google Search Methods In 2022

In addition to the old familiar written keywords. Search is no longer just about typing the name of a thing. To make life easier, Google also came up with a voice method. Thanks to it, you do not need to touch the keyboard. If you want to find a picture, the picture method will help you.

Text (classical) method

“Search on Google or enter a web address.” This text appears in the box in Chrome. Everyone who has Google and used the mentioned browser at least once knows it. All you have to do next is enter the text that describes the name of the search term.

This method has been around since 1998 when Google came into being. Since then, the search has gradually improved until it has reached the stage we know today. We can see the entered term in less than a second, and the results are algorithmically sorted to get the most relevant links. Closely related to this is the concept of SEO.

What is SEO, and how does it relate to Google?

SEO is an acronym for “Search Engine Optimization“. It’s about search engine optimization. In practice, this means that the person who does the SEO is trying to get the website optimized. Then Google will rate it as well. This will place it at the top of Google.

Google uses a variety of bots to scan all web pages in the time you submit. It also sorts them by relevance. For example, a search for “dog” will check and select more than 300,000,000 results in less than a second. All are relevant and contain keywords. In this case, the keyword is a dog.

The more specific you are the fewer results.

If you want to be more specific, you can add more keywords. If you type the term “big dog” into Google, the number of pages will be more than 15,000,000. With the word “big dog for children”, you will get only 8,500,000 results: the more details, the more selected pages.

The best sites for Google are those that have quality content. If keywords in high demand are used along with quality, you will achieve a natural increase in visitors. It is not enough to have the words “big dog” mentioned on the page 100 times. This is the quality of the images, backlinks, or video. All this adds to the quality of each page.

Voice mode

What exactly is the basis of all voice searches? It is the ability to recognize human speech and convert it into written form. All other commands can be executed on this basis. In addition to the voice method, you find in the browser. For example, from Amazon, it is Alexa, from Apple Siri, Bixby from Samsung and so on.

After saying your question or command and then converting it to written form, the text is analyzed. The system tries to recognize all the orders and questions you have said in it. This is immediately followed by using external data sources from which the information is drawn. Subsequently, this information is processed into an easy-to-understand version, which reaches the user directly.

How the voice method affects SEO

The changes will not be drastic, but they will feel them. With advanced times, advanced technologies are also coming. What does this mean for regular users? They can talk like a human to their cell phone, computer or assistant. You must have caught it on the Internet, or you have tried it yourself. If you ask a person on time, he will tell you what time it is. If you ask Siri from Apple the same question, he will answer you just like a human.

It follows that SEO will focus on adapting human speech. Those who define their keywords in more detail will win. As mentioned in the example of dogs, more specific keywords are more likely to sell the product. For example, the phrase “short blue female skirt” has a better chance of success than just the word “skirt”.

The most frequently searched keywords will include, for example: can, be, do, create. Then there will be adjectives like new, simple, easy. The questions will be: who, which, when, where and how, usually omitted.

Picture method

Both of the previous search options were about the text. The question remains, how can Google browse images without entering a single word? Simply. We live in such an advanced time that the algorithm can learn it. Imagine it with your eyes. You didn’t know how to read either, and you just recognized some black characters on white paper. You scanned the text and images.

The algorithm also scans the image you enter and compares it with other ideas. When an algorithm finds even a tiny match or similarity, it recognizes it as a result. Subsequently, all matching results are presented as we know them. As with both methods, it doesn’t take more than a second.

It is impossible to search for images via the classic page but via Here you have the option of all three methods. For the image method, drag the selected image into the search box or click on the camera icon to attach the photo or enter its URL.

How the image method affects SEO

Images, like videos, add to the quality of the article. In addition to being a pleasant distraction from the amount of text, they help readers understand the article. They may make readers decide to comment or share. It all just plays into your carat in terms of SEO. Not only must the images be chosen correctly, but they must also follow the individual steps to succeed:

  • If you do not have your photos, reach for the stock photography
  • Make sure the format is correct as JPG or PNG
  • Smaller images = faster page load
  • Alt text a Title tags

Title tags are used to enter a title for the image. It should be concise and have keywords added to it. Title tags tell readers what information is on the page. They are also used for search tools.

Alt text is for people who use a screen reader. It is also used by Internet tools that make the image easier to recognize. Correct completion should consist of a more detailed image title and keywords.


Are you interested in any of the methods so that you can try them? Alternatively, have you tried the voice method in your vehicle? Who knows what other ways we may encounter in a few months or years. But one thing is sure: Google is trying to make life easier for us and save time.

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