Demystifying The Process: How To Obtain Your Real Estate License Online In Washington

Demystifying The Process: How To Obtain Your Real Estate License Online In Washington

With technological advancement allowing for effective online learning and interactions with tutors, pursuing a career in real estate is now easier than ever before. This is because you can study online to get your Washington State real estate license. As an aspiring real estate agent in Washington State, online classes offer a convenient way to get into this lucrative field so you can build a successful career.

In this article, we look at the process of obtaining a real estate license online in Washington, highlighting the steps, requirements, and the costs involved.

Eligibility for a Washington Real Estate License

Before you can start working towards your real estate license application, you need to understand the eligibility requirements. These requirements for a real estate license in Washington are set by the Washington State Department of Licensing (DOL). This is the body that oversees the licensing process and ensures that individuals meet the necessary criteria to practice the real estate profession within the state.

Here are the requirements you need to fulfill:

  • Be over 18 years old
  • Have at least a high school diploma or equivalent
  • Be ready to answer questions about your legal background

Steps to follow to obtain your real estate license WA online

You need to complete the following steps to receive your real estate license in Washington:

Complete 90 hours of approved pre-license education

You have to choose an approved real estate education provider, and if you’re looking to pursue your real estate license in WA online, you can consider enrolling with RealEstateU, one of the best online real estate schools. After selecting the right provider, work on completing your 90-hour pre-license course.

Complete studentship registration with PSI/AMP

Once you start your coursework, the next step in your application for a real estate license is to register as a student via the PSI/AMP portal. It is necessary to do this for submission of your coursework completion information and to allow you to register for an exam date.

Pass the course final exam

It is mandatory to pass a course final exam after you complete the 90-hour education course. The pass mark in Washington State is 75%.

Pass the state real estate license exam

After covering all the course materials and passing the course final exam, you must then pass the Washington Real Estate license exam. The exam must be taken within six months of completing the course. It comprises two parts: the state and the national portions. You register for the exam using the PSI’s online portal. To pass the exams, the requirement is a scaled score of 70%.

Get fingerprinted for a background check

All aspiring real estate professionals must schedule an appointment with an approved vendor to submit their fingerprints for a background check of their criminal history. It is mandatory to pass the background check to get your real estate license.

Complete your license application

Having met all the requirements, you need to finalize your license application online, by completing all the necessary paperwork, paying the required fees, and submitting the needed documents or information.

Choose a sponsoring broker to work under

As a licensee, you need to be sponsored by an active licensed broker in Washington to serve as your mentor in your real estate career, and to complete your real estate license application.


Obtaining a real estate license in Washington online is not a difficult process if you know how to go about it. The good thing is that going the online route cuts the cost of a real estate license in WA significantly because you save on commuting and other costs, and online courses are cheaper than in-person courses. The crucial thing is to choose a reputable online real estate school and dedicate time to your studies and preparing for the exam.

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