Instagram Is Like A Fast-Growing Little Monster. Don’t Underestimate It!

Instagram Is Like A Fast-Growing Little Monster. Don’t Underestimate It!

What makes it interesting for companies today, and why should we pay attention to it? Which campaigns could we be inspired by? We talked about Instagram, hashtags, and influencers with the social network in our podcast. However, if you prefer to read, we bring you the most exciting text form.

Still Fiction Stories 

Customers behave differently on Instagram. During the day, they return to the content in various forms. Stories are viral in the video, Boomerang, and other conditions. Its main task is to share visual “On The Go” content – something that is currently quickly consumable in a tasting or a small snack.  

For example, try sharing short content in the morning, and you can afford it in the evening as a video with captions or longer text. Alternatively, put it on Facebook, where people are more used to commenting on various posts and creating “Backlink” content (Backlink – HTML link between home sites is called backlinks). 

A live podcast can also be an effective and efficient type. You can invite a person to watch a live broadcast on a given topic. Anywhere in the world, other followers will join it for 15 minutes. You won’t even bother, and after a successful live broadcast, you can get thousands of new people and more conversions.

Follow The Interests Of Your Target

About 80 percent of Instagram visitors form a group under 35. However, the most influential group is young people aged 18 to 24. They used to be teenagers, but today they have become purchasing power – brigades, jobs, or freelancers. They are used to using Instagram, making it more and more interesting for entrepreneurs.

If we want to target a young group, we can’t look at its demographics. Young people often use hybrid e-mail addresses, and we do not have relevant information. We are left to target them according to their behaviour and interests. If you want to be successful as an entrepreneur on Instagram, research your target.

Find out if you have competition in your business area and how Instagram visitors react to it. In this way, you can even gain real Instagram followers that will be your future loyal customers. According to the #hashtag or a keyword, everyone can now find particular topics, people, and competition in the search engine. Watch them and search what they comment on, say, or respond to. Try to enter into their communication and reveal how they behave.

Oh, Those  # Hashtags!

Where did the Instagram #hashtags come from? They downloaded them from Twitter, which indicates a section or topic that people are discussing. If you enter a keyword in the Instagram search engine in English, it will find individual locations, issues, and bloggers according to the term. Every single post that has been marked with a #hashtag will appear in it. 

Well, how many keywords are enough? Twenty or less? It is best to select 10 relevant  # hashtags in your “feed” visually or textually. In Stories, on the other hand, less is more. This means don’t give more than 5. The number isn’t the most important thing, and you better choose the path of relevant hashtags that describe you and hashtags with a substantial reach. If you’re looking for relevant, powerful hashtags, you’ll find several websites that offer you the ability to search for your profile or post. Both paid and free versions are available. Don’t forget to create your hashtags, hashtags about you, and describe your business. Where can you find them? In your strategy, though. If you have it. 🙂 

Remember that for every business account, it is not the number of likes that matters but the number of conversions and sales. Hashtags even have very good recognizability on Google. 

Online and offline are strongly connected today. And that’s why hashtags are increasingly displayed on billboards and various banners. Many companies have already figured this out and come up with multiple offers such as “if you mark us on Instagram, you will receive a bonus or a gift from us.” Customers value human contact. In addition, customers are still used to the fact that they want to try it first even though they have found something online. Once they get acquainted with something on the Internet, it’s just a step towards buying it offline.

Influencers – Yes Or No?

Bet on influencers. These are people who are on Instagram or social networks and influence. They do marketing from a brand-building perspective. If you start working with one of them, people will follow you. 

Be prepared to have something to offer your influencer. Have your profile ready and especially the space and time to communicate further. Make your choice. See how they share in the comments and write the lyrics whether they have a positive or negative subtext. It must fit your brand. 

The criterion is how many followers and how attractive your company or product is for each influencer. Whether it is a one-time or long-term cooperation, how it relates to the brand, and whether it becomes its ambassador, even if it’s a charity project and sometimes does it for free, be sure to put your collaboration on paper. 

Each social network has its carrier influencers. See if you like it or watch it on the social web and whether it can help you with the brand and its values. Once you find yours, pay him and reward him because many people don’t work on traditional media, they don’t read the press, and often influencer is the only way to promote a product that wouldn’t otherwise be advertised. 

Instagram is like a fast-growing little monster becoming native “marketing.” People still enjoy it, and with an implemented sales gateway, any need to have an e-shop or website is eliminated. Everything will be on one network. Instagram has a promising future, and its function will change.

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