Six Steps To An Excellent Link-Building Strategy

Six Steps To An Excellent Link-Building Strategy

Link building is significant for your SEO strategy. It will allow you to generate a higher traffic volume and attract new audiences to your website. Not having them is another reason you may not appear on Google. For this reason, we want to explain the six fundamental steps to improve your positioning in this post.

Why it is essential to have good links pointing to your website

The objective of link building is to get sites with a good domain authority to point to your website. From a holistic SEO perspective, this will help you improve your Page Rank on significant search engines like Google.

When developing your strategy, remember that it is designed to bring readers from other complementary landing pages to yours.

How to build an excellent link-building strategy

Without a doubt, this type of strategy to improve your SEO positioning requires time and planning. Therefore, you must follow these six simple steps.

1. Know your audience well

If you want to bring the right audience to your website, you need to  focus on two crucial points :

Know your current audience and all the characteristics that surround it. In  Google Analytics, you will have a lot of information about it.

However, the fundamental thing is that you build a buyer persona on your ideal audience. This will help you expand your perfect audience and reach a more qualified audience. 

Therefore, you must research it.

2. Make a list of the websites of your audience

This study of your buyer persona will allow you to determine which sites they usually visit. Generating links from its different pages will allow you to make your brand known to a series of users who do not know about your business. However, not just any website is worth it.

You must narrow down the number of sites you want to link based on their domain authority. Getting links from poor-quality websites will only harm your SEO positioning.

3. Create quality content to get links

To have a link on your site, you need to have quality content where you can put this link. For this, the text must have clear and SEO-optimized paragraphs. Also, think about your audience and find a topic that can generate engagement. It must be of interest, and, above all, you must generate value at all times. For example, it has to answer a question your users may have.

Offer them the information they are looking for and, in this way, you will begin to position yourself in their mind. Your brand awareness will increase, and they will likely generate organic conversions.

4. Offer the content to websites and generate links

Do you already have the content? !! Congratulations!! Now it’s time to retrieve the list of websites you created in the second step. It would be best if you considered which websites would be willing to publish the post you have written and give you a link. The content must fit with the product you are offering.

5. Do public relations

Once you have decided on the landings, it is time to contact them. You can send him an email or use Twitter. Remember that to increase your chances of getting a backlink, and you must have studied your audience well.

6. Use social networks for your link building

Another way to get quality links is through social networks. Share your content on your Facebook and Twitter profiles and increase traffic to your website.

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