What Google Shopping Is And Why You Need It

What Google Shopping Is And Why You Need It

What is Google Shopping

Google Shopping is a Google service that allows consumers to search, compare, and purchase items from various e-shops. This service will soon visibly affect the search results on Google.

Because in the world already Google Shopping, also known as Campaigns in purchases or Advertising in purchases, respectively. In English, Google Shopping, Shopping Campaigns, or Shopping Ads are nothing new.

As the word “campaigns” suggests, the service is not free, and it is a form of advertising.

What does shopping look like?

Google Results Purchases appear in Google search results as image thumbnails, complete with product name, reseller name, and product price. Google shows us text ads. Abroad, users already see product ads in addition to or instead of text ads.

How will Google Shopping change the ad market?

So now shopping campaigns are coming to our market. How will this news affect you? What will change for you?

From the point of view of the average user, nothing fundamental is happening. It will be perceived as an improvement in search results, which he gets used to very quickly. 

However, if you are the owner of an e-shop, pay close attention because this is a fundamental, groundbreaking change. And as is the business case, those who can adapt to change faster usually win. If your customer is looking for a specific product, take a quality product photo that will catch their attention rather than a text ad. In addition, product campaigns have a higher (statistically about 30%) conversion rate. So not only will you attract more people to your e-shop, but they will be even more likely to buy from you.

I probably don’t need to discuss further which advertisers will sell more and which will leave a smaller share of the market pie.

I am in. What did I need?

First of all, the Google Ads advertising account. But you probably already have it. In addition, you need a Google Merchant Center account to link to Google Ads. If you use dynamic remarketing, you probably already have a Merchant Center. Otherwise, you must create an account.

It would be best to have a product XML feed that conforms to the Google specification if your e-shop does not have it.

And last but not least, you need a specialist to set up and optimize your shopping campaigns. A poorly set up campaign can cost you more than it can. Of course, you can try to set up everything from the Merchant Center to the shopping campaign yourself (we will prepare the instructions shortly).

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