What Are AMP Pages, And How Can They Improve Your Business?

What Are AMP Pages, And How Can They Improve Your Business?

AMP Pages ( Accelerated Mobile Pages ) technology is an ” open source ” project launched by Google to facilitate Internet browsing mainly through mobile phones, reducing web the response time of web pages considerably. This advance is significant from my experience since the less time it takes to load a web page, especially on mobile, the better for SEO.

This is made possible by optimizing the HTML and JavaScript languages ​​for AMP page, currently called AMP HTML and AMP JS, as well as different supported CSS styles.

Considering that the idea is to have a 360º marketing strategy, you can choose to improve your presence on the Internet thanks to the implementation of AMP on your website. Also, living in the society in which we live, if a web page takes us more than a couple of seconds to load, we decide to go to another faster one.

The Basics of AMP Pages

At first, AMP technology was intended for pages made up only of text and images, such as Blogs or other written media. This is possible thanks to the three pillars on which the operation of AMP pages is based:

Use of Asynchronous Scripts

For the page response to be automatic and the content to be displayed instantly, AMP uses Asynchronous JavaScript that executes much faster than conventional JavaScript. In this way, we can see the web page almost immediately.

Well-ordered resources 

All external resources on AMP page such as images, ads, and iframes must be set to a specific size to be assigned their place on the page. This way, they don’t have to be dynamically placed, taking longer to load.

Disallowed Extension Mechanisms

Extension mechanisms that block page rendering are not allowed.

What’s New for AMP Pages

Currently, they are working on various features that increase the usefulness of AMP pages, such as AMP Stories, which are very similar to Instagram Stories, or different plugins that allow the development of AMP pages towards eCommerce, such as those that enable user registration, display various products with a filter system, or those that allow Analytics to be implemented to keep track of the metrics of our AMP pages.

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