Ten Simple Questions That Decide When Choosing Mutual Funds

Ten Simple Questions That Decide When Choosing Mutual Funds

Mutual funds offer the opportunity to earn more than you can get in banking products. If you want to use it, you can’t leave the choice of mutual funds to chance. This article offers ten essential questions to help you choose suitable mutual funds.

What you need to skip to avoid earning money in mutual funds

In practice, I sometimes meet people for whom mutual fund’s make little or not at all. There are also those whose investment is in the red at the end of the planned investment horizon. Why is that so?

These people are usually united by a random selection of mutual fund’s or a recommendation from an advisor who was not preceded by a thorough analysis of their requirements. Has something similar happened to you?

If you don’t want to make money in mutual funds, you need to skip these three things before investing:

  • Write down the answers to the fundamental questions about the planned investment + what the investment should look like in the ideal case.
  • Prepare a fundamental division of the mutual fund portfolio according to your requirements.
  • Choose quality mutual fund’s from quality managers.

I’m not going to offer guidance on how not to make money in mutual funds. I only mentioned this because it is happening in reality, and I want to draw attention. If you’re going to make money in mutual funds, do the opposite of what I wrote about above and read on.

Ten questions whose answers will help you in choosing mutual funds

It doesn’t matter if you are familiar with mutual fund’s or get advice from your advisor. In any case, these ten questions can help you choose mutual fund’s that will make you money. You can change a random selection to a planned section of mutual funds, thanks to them.

  • What is the intended purpose of using the funds from the investment?
  • What is your planned investment horizon? Or when will you need your money back?
  • What return do you expect?
  • What temporary decline do you accept during the investment period?
  • What is your previous investment experience?
  • How much do you want to invest in one go?
  • What is the share of your total financial reserve?
  • How much do you want to invest regularly / irregularly every month?
  • Can you and do you want to invest money in times of decline?
  • What is the premise of the early selection of a part of the investment?

Each of these questions can create additional questions. And the answers to them can help prepare a high-quality mutual fund portfolio. Be sure to care.

How to proceed when selecting mutual funds

  • I was hoping you could write down the answers to the ten essential questions I wrote about above. You can easily add more if the situation requires it.
  • Create a fundamental division of the mutual fund portfolio according to your requirements. The distribution between specific groups of mutual fund’s – e.g. money market funds, bond funds focusing on government bonds, corporate bond funds, equity funds focusing on mature markets, equity funds focusing on emerging markets, commodity funds, actively managed funds, etc. The fund’s currency, sectoral focus and geographical distribution also play an essential role.
  • Choose quality mutual funds from quality managers.

You have a choice of 2 options. You will either have to deal with the selection of mutual fund’s yourself and rely on your experience, or you will contact your financial intermediary to help you select suitable mutual funds. It’s up to you. But be sure to depend on their choice.

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