Tips And Tricks On How You Can Start a Successful Business In 2022

Tips And Tricks On How You Can Start a Successful Business In 2022

Successful Business: Did you find out during the coronary crisis that you don’t really enjoy your work? Would you like to go your own way, but don’t know which one? We bring you an overview of the most popular successful business plans in 2022 and also a small manual on how to start without much financial effort.

Our society and our lives are going through a difficult period. The coronary crisis brought with it a number of different changes not only in the world but also in people’s thinking.

Although some have lost their job involuntarily, many of us have realized the value of life, fulfilled life goals and our own journey, and therefore many more people are embarking on the path of business than we might expect.

Which areas are the most popular?

Healthy lifestyle

The crown has proved to many that even the biggest money is not important if you are not healthy. And so a healthy lifestyle is pushing to the forefront much more than ever before.

However, you need to realize, at least it would be ideal if you have already chosen the option of doing business in a healthy lifestyle, so that you can follow it yourself .

Whether you’re into writing blogs or making videos about healthy lifestyles, or you’re excited about fitness training or creating menus, a healthy lifestyle is definitely IN and you can make good money on it.

Healthy food and diet

Healthy eating is also closely related to health. And so you can rush to sell a healthy diet or supplements and success is within your reach . However, it is important to educate yourself regularly and indulge in a healthy lifestyle in body and soul. There is no need to neglect the quality of the products sold.


Of course, you can only do this business if you are an expert in the world of languages, marketing, but also, for example, manual work or programming.

You can offer a series of videos or presentations to people in various online spaces . It’s important to persevere and deliver really good content .


A period spent indoors has taught us that pets are priceless. They bring not only love but also harmony and duty into your life, so they won’t let you sleep on your laurels.

However, pets need to be well cared for, so you can start caring for them , selling quality pet supplies or opening a pet hotel where owners can put them away when they want to go on holiday or at work .

Babysitting for children or the elderly

If you have the necessary education or know someone who has it, you can start a successful business in a sector that is currently in great demand.

As children are often at home and parents need to go to work, crèches or children’s corners have a clear path . Also, caring for the elderly in the form of company or food preparation is very much on the course.

Differences that can help you choose the right legal form of business

If you have already chosen what you would like to do business in, have you considered whether you will use a trade or a limited liability company for business?

There are several fundamental differences between a trade and a limited liability company:

Time of establishment, termination and suspension

You can start a trade faster than sro , in about 4 days . You can also cancel a trade in a very short time if you have not incurred any debts. Thanks to the coronary crisis, you can also suspend your trade for any period .

You can start a limited liability company in about 15 days , although it all depends on registration in the Commercial Register. The cancellation of a limited liability company is also more complicated and interruption is impossible.


While in a trade it is sufficient to keep simple accounting or to apply flat-rate expenses , the SRO has to keep double-entry bookkeeping and is therefore more likely to have to pay an accountant.


Here it is with the advantages on the contrary. In the case of a trade, the entrepreneur is liable for the liabilities with all his assets . SRO is only liable for the company’s assets , up to the amount of its outstanding deposits.

Duties and taxes

As a self-employed person, you do not have to pay any contributions to the Social Insurance Agency for the first year of your business . It is also necessary to pay only the minimum advances to the social insurance company in the amount of € 76.44 .

The self-employed person taxes only what he has actually received , while the limited liability company also counts in the taxable items what has not yet been paid . A self-employed person can also claim the non-taxable part of the tax base, while a limited liability company does not have this option.

You can make your business easier with a contribution from the state

There are many successful business ideas. It’s best to start a business in something you’re like a fish in water or something you really enjoy . If you have already chosen a department, but you do not have enough money, see if you can get one of the contributions to the business from the state.

Only natural persons can receive a contribution to the business , in two ways , either for the operation of a trade, according to Act no. 455/1991 Coll. Acts on Trade Licensing , or for the implementation of agricultural production, including management in forests and water areas, according to § 12a to 12e of Act no. 105/1990 Coll. on private enterprise of citizens .

If you are starting a successful business and your starting line starts at the employment office as a jobseeker, you can apply for a contribution for beginning traders , which in 2022 can be up to 5927.12 euros if the conditions are met .

The possibility of drawing a business allowance from the state is conditional on the approval of the application, which can be submitted by candidates registered with the employment office for at least 3 months , who complete the preparation for the start or operation of SZČO and develop a business plan together with cost calculation.

If you get it, you can cover health and social contributions or even get a job or start a limited liability company while drawing the contribution.

Doing business can give you a sense of freedom and the opportunity to realize what really fills you. We wish you every success in choosing the right options!

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