Microsoft Has Released A Super-Cheap Laptop On The New Windows

Microsoft Has Released A Super-Cheap Laptop On The New Windows

Microsoft has unveiled the Surface Laptop SE, a budget-friendly device with an Intel Celeron processor and the new Windows 11 SE operating system. Priced at approximately $250, it competes with Chromebooks running Google Chrome OS. Windows 11 SE is a simplified variant of Windows 11, where Microsoft has eliminated various minor features while retaining the core functionalities.

Budgetary news from Microsoft

Microsoft has introduced the Surface Laptop SE, their most affordable laptop and a direct competitor to Chromebooks. Aimed at schoolchildren, students, and educational institutions, the basic version of the Surface Laptop SE is priced at $249 in the US market. The laptop is not expected to be available in Russian stores, as Microsoft does not supply Surface devices to Russia.

However, Russian consumers will have alternative options, as several manufacturers, including Acer, Asus, Dell, Fujitsu, HP, Lenovo, and others, are preparing to release their own Windows 11 SE laptops, which will be available in Russia. Windows 11 SE is a simplified version of Windows 11, offering a stripped-down feature set compared to the full version but with fewer restrictions than its predecessor, Windows 10S. The release of the Surface Laptop SE and Windows 11 SE laptops from Microsoft’s partners is expected in the US market by the end of 2021 or early 2022.

Laptop features

The Surface Laptop SE is a budget-friendly laptop introduced by Microsoft. While specific details about the laptop’s features have not been provided in the given information, I can provide you with some general features commonly found in laptops in this price range:


The Surface Laptop SE is powered by an Intel Celeron processor, which is typically an entry-level processor suitable for basic tasks like web browsing, word processing, and multimedia consumption.

Operating System:

It runs on Windows 11 SE, a simplified version of Windows 11 tailored for budget devices. Windows 11 SE is expected to offer a user-friendly interface and core functionalities, although some minor features may be removed compared to the full Windows 11 version.


The laptop will likely have a compact display, ranging from 11 to 14 inches, with a standard HD resolution (1366×768 pixels) or higher.

Memory and Storage:

It comes with 4GB or 8GB of RAM to handle basic multitasking, and storage options include eMMC or a small-capacity SSD for storing files and applications.


Expect standard connectivity options like Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, USB ports (possibly USB-A and USB-C), and an audio jack. It may also have an integrated webcam for video conferencing.


The Surface Laptop SE could feature a lightweight, portable design with a slim profile and durable build. The provided information should note the exact design features and available colour options.

Specific features of the new Windows

Windows 11 SE is a simplified version of Windows 11 developed for budget devices, especially targeting students and educational organizations.

Here are some specific features mentioned in the provided information:

Ability to Install Third-Party Applications:

Unlike its predecessor, Windows 10S, Windows 11 SE allows users to install third-party applications from sources other than the Microsoft Store. This flexibility lets users install popular applications like Zoom and Chrome from any source.

No Microsoft Store by Default:

Windows 11 SE does not include the Microsoft Store by default, meaning users won’t have access to the store for downloading applications. However, users can still install applications from other sources.

Optimized for Edge, Office, and Microsoft Cloud Services:

Windows 11 SE is optimized for Microsoft’s Edge browser, Office suite, and Microsoft cloud services. These applications and services will likely be integrated seamlessly into the operating system.

Simplified Interface:

Windows 11 SE removes certain features in the full version of Windows 11, such as multiple layouts in Snap mode and widgets ported from Windows Vista. The aim is to provide a distraction-free environment for students and promote a focus on their studies.

Full-Screen Mode Only:

Windows 11 SE restricts running programs only in full-screen mode, turning off windowed mode. This design choice may enhance immersive experiences or minimize distractions.

Preinstalled Software:

Windows 11 SE comes with preinstalled software like the free Teams messenger, the Office suite, OneNote, and education-focused apps like Minecraft for Education and Flipgrid.

Final words

Windows 11 SE is a simplified version of Windows 11 designed for budget devices and educational settings. It allows the installation of third-party applications, removes certain features to minimize distractions, and emphasizes integration with Microsoft’s Edge browser, Office suite, and cloud services. Windows 11 SE also comes with preinstalled software tailored for education, making it a suitable choice for students and schools.

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