Why Does a Startup Need a Professional Writer?

Why Does a Startup Need a Professional Writer?

An expert business plan writer will turn your idea into a story. A setting is created for your players: consumers, future employees and your competition. A span out into an outline of planned break even point, the first profits, growth, expansion.. all based on expertise and business analysis.

About the Reviewer

Alex Silensky, a co-owner of a leading business consultant firm OGS Capital, has extensive expertise in business consulting and business plan development for startups.

Your star players

For a business to operate, you need people – employees, customers and even competitors. A startup without employees is just a story on paper. And while you need to persuade a customer to trust you. It is a separate kind of art to persuade someone to join a startup as an employee. The future of a career is sketched out through promises of a business plan. Use job search engines designed for startups to directly address employees looking to face the challenges of a new business.

Choosing your scriptwriter

Even the best movie directors have a scriptwriter. A business plan is a story with numbers, financial projections and step by step strategy to achieve financial goals and gain profit. When choosing your business plan creators look for someone with experience in your area of business. For a new business expert guidance is crucial.

Services offered by business consultants

Services of a business consultant extend to both startups and existing businesses. An established company may require the services of a business consultant for expansion, growth, or diversification of its product range. An expert business consultant will provide an objective evaluation of the potential for a company.

The scope of services may vary depending on the service provider. In addition to writing business plans, a business consultant may include additional services. For example:

  • ICO white paper;
  • Due diligence;
  • Continuity plan.

Moreover, a business plan consultant with a network of investors will help you secure the necessary connections to cover funding.

Types business plans

Using an existing business plan as a template for your startup is a good first step. Except that there are different types of business plans. Strategic and operational business plans amongst other things define mission statements, set financial goals and marketing strategies. However, depending on your funding, you might have different expectations set towards your business plan. Your business plan will be different depending on whether you plan to receive funding from financial institutions or private investors. What about a non-profit start up? If you plan on opening a franchise, what do you need to get approval from a franchisor? Those are just a few examples. Every business plan is different. There is no universal template. Turning to a professional will save you time and money. A well written business plan by an expert may just be your break even for starting.

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