How Can I Start My Own Internet Business

How Can I Start My Own Internet Business

In essence, the attributes that a brand must have to stand out on the Internet business do not differ much from those that are sought in lifelong banners . It is distinctive, conspicuous, easy to read and pronounce, and not confusing.

There are people who use very descriptive or generic brands because they think that in this way they will find them better on the Internet business and that they can save the investment in advertising. Error! Positioning depends on the content of your page. And if you use such a generic name, what happens is that you do not differ.

What name do I give my dotcom?

Also, don’t use copycat names or use the ‘bargain brand’. We are in the era of the low cost and the outlet. Buying cheap now is synonymous with smart buying. If your positioning is low cost, as a brand strategy it is interesting, but the concept of price, super offer or cheap is a bit limited. Later on it is very difficult to raise prices, and you will not be able to evolve your brand towards higher markets.

The interesting thing about creating a name is that it is flexible, so you never have to change it. Don’t fall short , even if your positioning changes.

Business models that work on the Internet

There are many Internet business models to choose from on the Internet, but some are being more successful than others:

Subscription model: It is used in a large number of Internet businesses, from a gym or a newspaper to a SaaS platform, where the client pays for access to a product or service with a periodicity set and agreed in advance.

Advertising model:

It is the wild card that is usually used in many cases as a complement to generate income, but advertising alone is not a good choice to ensure profitability.

Membership model:

Broadly speaking, it consists of encouraging others to buy third-party products and / or services in exchange for a commission for the sale. It is a model that is closely related to social discovery and social e-commerce, which have to do with buying (and selling) things that others recommend.

Peer to Peer model:

Peer-to-peer Internet business management exploded in the United States a few years ago with TaskRabbit and Airbnb.

Lead generation model:

This income-generating model has a long way to go from the moment in which there are individuals who demand specialized services and professionals who seek job offers. Unlike peer to peer, the two parts of this model are at different levels. As a general rule, platforms that use this model charge only professionals, although there are businesses that do both.

Crowdfunding and co-creation model:

The Internet business possibilities of this model are enormous and have a long way to go. The ailment she suffers is that she needs quality projects that attract investors and collaborators.

Freemium model:

It is a very scalable model, but at the same time very expensive to maintain to be viable. It consists of having a large mass of users who consume your product and / or service for free and a few paying customers who support the rest. The SaaS or subscription model uses it.

‘E-commerce’ model:

It has become a classic and has evolved from the simple sale of products to hybrid models. B2B offers great opportunities,

How to make your website profitable for Internet Business

The first thing you have to take into account is to have a profitable design, not just pretty. You will not be making the investment in design profitable if your potential clients do not find you when they look for products or services that you can offer them, if the content of the web is confusing or too dense or if they get lost on the web and leave without finishing the process.

You have to make a useful ‘home’ . What do we mean by that? Communicate well what your company offers; support that information with elements that help build trust (to close the visit successfully) and wrap that content in a design aimed at facilitating navigation. According to a study by Jakob Nielsen, Internet users read only 28% of written information and spend most of the time trying to understand the design of the webs and the navigation characteristics. Don’t try to impress your clients, make it easy for them to search.

Last but not least, you have to take into account what you should not do, what is prohibited when looking for profitability with your website. Do not put elements that look like a banner, do not use long paragraphs and do not design your website for unpopular browsers.

Internet business

Position yourself for Internet Business

Appearing on the first page of Google is essential for many companies despite the boom in social networks and apps. The good news is that in an industry that changes so fast, SEO is a mature branch on which there are already proven techniques:

  • Specify in a few words who you are and who is your ideal consumer.
  • Investigate each url.
  • When you are clear about the demand, create the offer with content that is in tune with the language of your customers.
  • Think ‘semantically’ while still thinking about people.
  • Describe each page well.
  • Describe the page even better: the microformats.
  • Web architecture: categorize with sense.
  • The flexo theory: focus on what is important.
  • Do not put barriers: make your page a simple html.
  • Move it on social networks.
  • Put buttons on the product tabs.
  • Try Google products.
  • Think local.

Marketing through social media

Not all networks are the same. Not because of the user profile, not because of the way it works. The standards set by its creators determine the manner and ability of companies to reach their members.


Make yourself a profile page. It is the first step to having a presence. You can create a company page for free, which will allow you to connect with your fans and attract their friends, communicate with them after events and generate a dialogue or redirect users to your website.

Get fans with advertising ads to get noticed, with promotional actions of any kind or simply, and as most SMEs do, looking for the friends of your friends. When creating your own company page do not forget to include your own forms, to make your own database. If you don’t, your fan data is from Facebook.

You can post ads on Facebook by creating your ad yourself from their home page. And pay per impression or per click. The goal of advertising can be to promote your website and get more fans; send surveys, communicate a promotion …


The first thing is to get followers. When you sign up, don’t forget to put who you are and what you do, to appear in the searches of other Twitter users. You must also put the URL of your company and a link (link) to your blog (it is the place where you can create great content and that you can then communicate in a few words to your followers in each tweet, with a link so that they find it directly ).

You have to create good content. It is the key for people to follow you.

Linkedin and Xing

Create groups. Organize discussion topics around a topic related to your company or your activity, to segment your potential customers.

Use advertising. At Xing, you can choose between investing in banners with very simple formats that are paid for cost per thousand impressions (13 euros per thousand impressions) or inserting an advertisement in the Newsletter that they send weekly and that reaches 600,000 users (it costs a thousand euros per delivery). Linkedin formats are similar, but they have not wanted to provide prices.

Check out the tricks of the community managers

We have found out which are the main tools of community managers so that you can take note of all of them:

  • If you are going to share links and content, scheduling it daily, weekly or monthly will facilitate your work.
  • Are there specific hours to launch it? If you analyze your metrics, you will see them.
  • In general, the professional public is sitting in front of their computer on weekday mornings and reading long articles in the evenings. On weekends, the consumption of leisure content increases.
  • Send a newsletter that can be responded to.
  • Shows the company or the product inside.
  • That the buttons of the social networks are seen.
  • Expand your content through other networks.
  • Follow the life of a link.
  • Make lists on Twitter.
  • The metrics will also be useful to launch promotions or communicate new products, if your final objective is the sale.
  • Facilitate your contact.
  • Take care of customer service.
  • Give importance to the image.
  • Organize events in real life.
  • Do not despise the forums. It may sound very 90s, but the forums still work.
  • On Facebook post with dropper.
  • Find your communication niche.
  • Run contests.

It is one of the fastest ways to get to know yourself and reach people.

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