What Is Neuromarketing?

What Is Neuromarketing?

The basic goal of every salesperson is to convince the customer to choose his product. Using different strategies and marketing tools to achieve this goal is possible. For several years now, we have also encountered neuromarketing in our marketing practice. What exactly is neuromarketing?

What is neuromarketing?

Neuromarketing is a marketing communication tool that allows you to monitor consumer behavior by applying neuropsychology to marketing research. Neuromarketing is a kind of window in the consumer’s mind, thanks to which companies can estimate the shopping behavior of their customers

Many people often do not make logical purchases but rather subliminally. The combination of neurology, psychology, sociology, and marketing neuromarketing explores why consumers sometimes behave irrationally.

Marketing and advertising have the task of convincing the consumer to buy the desired product. At the same time, rational decision-making makes up only 10% of the consumer’s final decision. Therefore, examining consumer behavior through group interviews does not have the desired effect, as consumers respond as if they were making rational decisions. 

However, 90% of the decision is the irrational part of the brain. Neuromarketing, therefore, has the task of monitoring our emotional side in deciding what to buy and whatnot. It uses various methods to measure heart rate, respiration, pupil response monitoring, EEG, changes in the brain’s magnetic field, fMRI (functional magnetic resonance imaging), and many others. 

In practice, with the help of these methods, most companies find out what impression a product packaging leaves or its design. With the help of neuromarketing, companies find out which products and incentives are attractive to the customer to modify their product accordingly.

Marketing communication

Based on the findings of neuromarketing, companies can further modify their product, its design, packaging, price, and communication with the public or advertising. This complete package of marketing activities based on the customer’s emotional decisions is intended to arouse the end consumer’s desire to purchase the product and make it more attractive to the competition. 

Neuromarketing can also help improve customer service by finding out which phrases the customer responds to well and which, in turn, can upset him. It will also help the company find out what the customer expects from the service and thus maybe some activities the company does in addition, and others lack it in customer care. Aromatic marketing is also an interesting possibility of using neuromarketing. We are subconsciously stimulated not only by visual stimuli but also by smell. 

If the customer feels comfortable in the area or the scent reminds him of something, this form of marketing can also encourage him to buy a product. Euro marketing in this area finds out how scents affect the customer and which scents are suitable for which areas. Many companies use neuromarketing mainly when creating new products or modifying older ones, creating a pricing strategy and brand strategy, creating tools of the communication mix, and at the level of company management.

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