You Must Apply Eight Technical Aspects To Your Website, Yes or Yes.

You Must Apply Eight Technical Aspects To Your Website, Yes or Yes.

When we talk about optimizing a website, we usually mean it in general terms. However, there is the possibility of Technical Aspects improvement or actions within the framework of what is known as technical SEO

Technical SEO, why should you optimize your site technically?

Technical SEO is all the positioning achieved through the improvement of the technical aspects of a website. They are all merely technical actions aimed at optimization for search engines, especially Google. We can carry out the set of measures so that the website acquires technical advantages.

In short, this type of SEO is related to all those actions done from the site’s depths. Therefore, working on SEO from this point of view has one main reason: to be rewarded with a good organic search engine ranking.

The characteristics of a technically optimized website

The features have to do with the loading speed and your data structure. Search engine robots will highly value an excellent technical configuration. The technical aspects that you must apply.

1. The page has to load fast

Speed ​​is one of the characteristics or aspects that you have to work on. Today’s consumers want immediate. Loading speed is an aspect highly valued by both users and search engines. Some studies even limit the waiting time of a user to three seconds. After that time, there is a good chance that it will leave the website.

2. Pay attention to your links

Having links that work is something that we must keep in mind. But not only that, we must work on a good link structure. Search engine robots thoroughly analyze this structure. In this context, the robot.txt file and the meta robots tags become essential.

3. You have to avoid what is known as dead links

Optimizing your website involves checking that there are no links that take users to pages that do not exist (error 404). Slow loading is just as tedious as reaching a site through what is known as a dead link.

4. Remove duplicate content

Duplicity is penalized by search engines. Even when it comes to duplicate content on the same website, ensure this doesn’t happen on your site.

5. A website has to be secure

A technically optimized website is synonymous with a secure site. Implementing an SSL certificate and HTTPS is an excellent way to start working on this aspect.

6. Structured data

It is a feature that not only helps users understand content or products. The detailed information offered in the structured data is beneficial for search engines to know the type of business or type of products you sell.

7. Create an XML sitemap

Creating an XML sitemap will take less than a minute. You only have to make all your site’s content in XML format. You tell the robots which parts of your site are most important.

8. Etiqueta <hreflang>

It is an attribute intended again for robots. In this case, these robots understand which countries the website is preferably oriented to. It is about letting them know which countries we are preferably targeting.

Technical SEO is related to quality traffic.

We all know that SEO encompasses everything that helps position a page in search engines. In addition to this technical version, you must generally work on the content and links. Improving SEO is delving into quality traffic. The one has much to do with final conversions and your business goals.

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