8 Ways To Boost Your Adwords CTR

8 Ways To Boost Your Adwords CTR

The CTR, Click Through Rate or clickthrough rate, is a percentage that represents the volume of users who, after viewing a link, clicked on it. It is a formula that is used in web analytics both to assess the performance of an advertising campaign and the performance of meta descriptions in SEO positioning.

How The CTR Is Calculated

The formula used to calculate the Click Through Rate is:

CTR = Total Clicks / Total Views

The Click Through Rate is one of the most relevant KPIs when evaluating our social media, advertising and web positioning campaigns.

What Is a KPI?

The KPI (Key performance indicator) or key performance indicator is a tool to measure the effectiveness of your actions within the company. The KPI reflects a measurable value that shows how efficiently a company achieves its stated objectives.

CTR Analysis

A high CTR will indicate that our page is highly relevant for a search term or a specific concept, this translates into an improvement in the positions in the case of web positioning, greater visibility in the case of social networks, and an improvement in the performance of advertising campaigns in search or display network.

A good CTR is an indicator of good content, good leads, and an evident interest in customers.

How To Increase The CTR

Here are some key things to keep in mind when uploading the CTR of our ads:

Make full use of all types of extensions:

There are numerous types of extensions that will make your ads stand out from the crowd. By using a full range of extensions, increases the size of our ad and makes them appear more relevant, which would lead to an increase in CTR.

Write irresistible ads

Sounds simple, but unless you are writing a high-attraction, call-to-action ad, Google will rank it as an average ad.

Make good use of your keywords

The ones that make your online positioning favorable. Use them both in the title of the ad, as well as within the ad itself, and also in the URL that directs or sends traffic to your website.

Keywords positioning

When people search using keywords in ad groups that contain more than twenty keywords, it is likely that the ad that appears does not contain the end result that the potential customer was looking for, which would lead to the score and quality of your Ads were negatively affected. The solution would be to group the keywords in small groups and don’t forget to place the keywords at least twice in the ad copy.

Use a URL at the bottom of your ad

This way you will get an increase in the CTR as you will reinforce the weight of your keywords. The URL does not necessarily have to point to an existing web page, just containing the keywords will already make the ad more attractive to the consumer.

Adwords CTR

Regularly adjust your offers

Be sure to constantly check the price of your offers to continue appearing at the top of the search section. If your offers are well updated, it will affect the position your ad occupies on the network and therefore you will get a decent CTR.

Include calls to action in your ads

Think about your unique points of sale and include them in the copy of your ads. This will make your ads stand out more and therefore you will get more clicks. If you have something to mention in the ad, be it an award or accreditation or something like that, include it in the copy of your offer or add an extension. 

Using exclamation points and other characters can make your ad more eye-catching and encourage potential customers to click more. But be careful, because you can only use one symbol per ad, although do not worry because if you go over, Google will indicate that you are doing wrong to correct it.

Observe the competition

If you are still not clear on how to make your ad or you have doubts, or if you have run out of ideas, why not look at how others do it and get ideas to implement in your offer? Do they focus on a price-driven campaign or do they mention unique selling points? Do they use strong calls to action or redirect the flow to other links or extensions? Get inspired by the best offers you can find on the web and start now.

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