How Can I Become a Cloud Architect?

How Can I Become a Cloud Architect?

Today’s technology buzzword is “the cloud,” but many consumers need to learn what it is and how it works. It’s web-based computing. Your device controls the activity and displays results but doesn’t operate.

Cloud services today range from simple remote storage (like Google Drive) to streaming media (like Netflix) to complex off-site data processing and high-powered analysis that scientists and big businesses use.

There is a good chance that the ordinary individual has never heard of cloud architecture. A cloud architect is a member of an organization’s IT staff who is in charge of how the company uses cloud computing. It is a role that comes from software development.

Nobody understands the cloud better than cloud architects, and any company that wants to stay competitive today needs one staff member who knows how to make the most of the cloud. These professionals are responsible for keeping up with the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing and guiding businesses through it with their knowledge of its strengths and weaknesses.

Suppose you’re interested in cloud architecture as a career option. In that case, this article will provide a comprehensive overview of everything a novice needs to know to get started.

Where can I get started in cloud architecture?

Suppose you’re starting in cloud architecture and hope to advance your career. You must have the appropriate educational background and technical abilities in that case.

It is highly recommended that those with a bachelor’s degree in IT thoroughly understand at least one operating system, such as Linux, Azure, or Microsoft Azure, and have a basic understanding of computer programming languages.

Earning a cloud architect certification like the AWS Certified Solutions Architect is smart because it increases your marketability to potential employers and validates your expertise in your field.

Cloud architect skills: what are they?

Cloud architects use their knowledge and skills to build strong, reliable, scalable cloud architectures. Cloud architect talents include soft and technical skills that assist cloud architects in doing their jobs. A broad skill set can impress potential employers and boost the odds of getting a position in this dynamic field.

  • Corporate computing: You must deal with Linux, Windows, Unix, and Ubuntu.
  • Basic programming languages: Knowing Python, C#, or Java can help you design solutions and proof of concepts to show senior executives how they function.
  • Networking: As a cloud architect, you should understand DNS, TCP/IP, VPN, and HTTP (HTTP).
  • Cloud-based security concepts: As a cloud architect, you must secure data and access. Identity and Access Management, firewalls, VPNs, and IPS systems should be familiar to you.
  • Basic business skills: As a cloud architect, you’ll build business solutions to support the organization’s goals, so you need to know how to calculate return on investment, analyze financial accounts, and understand what C-level executives care about.
  • Leadership: You’ll lead teams of IT experts, including developers and engineers, to establish robust, efficient cloud systems. Leadership, communication, and teamwork are essential.

Is there a road map to success as a cloud architect?

Being a cloud architect can take a decade or more of hard work and dedication, as it benefits from a high-paying managerial position. To become a manager, you need to start with an undergraduate degree and, possibly, a master’s degree and then spend several years gaining expertise in your field and rising the ranks. You’ll eventually show that you can steer the cloud-computing initiative for a full company.

Education to become a cloud architect

How long is an IT or computer science degree? Some enterprising students can complete the program in less than four years.

To increase your abilities and resume, you may choose to get a master’s degree. If your bachelor’s degree doesn’t teach you enough about management, leadership, planning, and other business skills, you’ll need to be a cloud architect, and you should get an MBA.

How does one qualify to be a cloud architect?

To become a cloud architect, you only need a lot of IT experience. For example, people who know much about infrastructure and operations (virtualization) will make great cloud architects. That’s because many cloud programs start as IaaS-only endeavors, and architects experienced in virtualization already know what a “virtualization-like” environment is like.

There are many educational options for people who need more experience or who want to transfer their existing expertise. It means enrolling in a degree program that focuses on the field, such as an undergraduate or master’s degree program. Various certification tests and continuing education options are also available for IT workers. Even people with a lot of experience in the field should get a certification to make themselves more marketable.

To improve your chances of getting hired as a cloud architect, you need to get the following certifications:

1. AWS Certified Solutions Architect

Certification in Amazon Web Services (AWS) shows you have the skills to administer AWS cloud applications and infrastructure, which is valuable.

2. Google Certified Professional Cloud Architect

The Google Cloud Architect Certification checks how well candidates can design, plan, manage, and set up cloud systems and infrastructure. The architecture of the cloud, especially the Google Cloud Platform, is looked at and optimized, and cloud security and compliance are also looked into.

3. IBM Cloud Computing Solution Architect

This certification shows you how to design and plan cloud architectures and care for IBM’s cloud platform.

4. Microsoft Azure Architect Technologies

Completing this course will certify the student as an Azure cloud architect. App deployment and making storage solutions for the cloud and Azure are covered, as well as the design and implementation of infrastructure and workloads and dealing with security issues.


Cloud architecture is in high demand, and the possibilities are infinite. With significant changes expected over the next few years, becoming a certified cloud architect is a good career move and a chance to learn about new and exciting technologies.

Simplilearn online learning platform can help you decide whether to become a cloud architect. The role provides tremendous prospects in nearly every business.

Before searching for job openings on portals, you should learn about the above concepts and get an essential AWS, Azure, or GCP certification.

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