The Best Models Of Phones For Visually Impaired People

The Best Models Of Phones For Visually Impaired People

Most people find it difficult to imagine life without a phone and laptop because gadgets have long been a part of our everyday life. Nevertheless, for many, the use of technology is associated with enormous difficulties. First of all, this applies to people with poor eyesight, because most of the content on the Internet is designed specifically for visual perception. Fortunately, this is not yet a reason to abandon modern technologies. This article contains the best gadgets for people with low vision, which can greatly simplify life.

Best phones for the visually impaired

The telephone is not only a means of communication but also an excellent source of information, because today the Internet is almost everywhere. But most smartphones do not cater to the needs of people with vision problems, so finding the right device is not easy.

Nevertheless, decent options still exist. For example, an ordinary smartphone with a large screen diagonal can be easily adapted for comfortable use. To do this, it is enough to increase the fonts in the settings. In addition, it is worth starting to actively use voice assistants. They don’t work perfectly, but they can be a great help in solving some basic problems.

On the other hand, there are specialized telephones for people with disabilities. Typically, these devices use large fonts by default. In addition, all of them are equipped with a special keyboard, which is convenient for the visually impaired. But the problem is that it is often just a means of communication that does not allow using the Internet and various applications.

First of all, you should pay attention to the size and quality of the display. The screen should have a not too low resolution and a sufficiently high margin of brightness. Also, an important aspect is the speech recognition function. If all modern smartphones are able to listen to the user, then for many specialized and ordinary mobile phones, this is not so simple. In addition, keep in mind that the phone for the visually impaired should be as easy to use as possible. Also, don’t forget about durability and good autonomy.

Here are the best gadgets for the visually impaired.

1. Galaxy Note 8

Screen diagonal: 6.3 inches

Autonomy: 22 hours of talk time

Camera: 12 MP

If the high cost of the phone isn’t an issue for you, then the Galaxy Note 8 is your best bet today. The smartphone has a fairly large and bright display, as well as excellent performance even by today’s standards. An 8-core processor in combination with 6 GB of RAM allows you to solve any tasks that you may put in front of the device. As far as fonts are concerned, there are no problems with this on Android. You can enlarge all texts to huge sizes.

2. Moto G6

Screen diagonal: 5.7 inches

Autonomy: 18 hours of talk time

Camera: 12 MP

If the Note 8 turns out to be too expensive for you, then the Moto G6 is a great alternative with a much nicer price tag. This model has a display with a slightly smaller diagonal, but the smartphone is still comfortable to use for people with poor eyesight. In terms of performance, it is sufficient for all day-to-day tasks. Apart from that, the smartphone looks quite sturdy. Falling from a not too great height is unlikely to lead to any serious consequences.

3. iPhone SE

Screen diagonal: 4 inches

Autonomy: 14 hours of talk time

Camera: 12 MP

The iPhone SE is another not-too-expensive smartphone for people with low vision. The only problem is the rather small display. Nevertheless, you shouldn’t ignore SE, because the iOS operating system is very easy to use. Here, all actions are performed using intuitive movements, so no difficulties should arise during work. Of course, the device’s performance is not impressive, but this is not required here.

4. Alcatel 3C

Screen diagonal: 6 inches

Autonomy: 16 hours of talk time

Camera: 8 MP

The Alcatel 3C is the clear favorite among budget phones. This inexpensive smartphone has a surprisingly high-quality 6-inch display, with a good resolution and a huge margin of brightness. Of course, the smartphone is significantly inferior to all previous versions in terms of performance. Note that the Alcatel 3C only has 1GB of RAM. In addition, the device runs on the outdated Android 7 operating system. Nevertheless, it is able to cope with any daily tasks.

5. Doro 8040

Screen diagonal: 5 inches

Autonomy: 550 hours standby

Camera: 8 MP

The Doro 8040 is a cross between a regular smartphone and a specialized phone for people with disabilities. It has special features for visually impaired users but allows full Internet use. The device also supports voice control and has an emergency button. By the way, this phone is even compatible with hearing aids

6. Binatone Blade

Screen diagonal: 2.4 inches

Autonomy: 3 hours of talk time

Camera: 0.3MP

This device is designed specifically for people with disabilities, so everything you need for the visually impaired is provided here. The keyboard is large enough and embossed; all system elements are displayed on the display on a specially selected scale. But keep in mind that this is still not a smartphone, so you will not be able to use applications and the Internet.

7. Binatone M250

Screen diagonal: 1.7 inches

Autonomy: 4 hours of talk time

No camera

The Binatone M250 is one of the simplest phones on the market today. Yes, it is very compact, which may seem inconvenient for the visually impaired. But in fact, this is a great option, because the gadget is equipped with a large keyboard and a relatively good display. If the ability to use the Internet is not too important for you, then the Binatone M250 will be a good enough purchase.

8. Big Digit SOS Phone

Screen diagonal: 2.4 inches

Autonomy: 10 hours of talk time

No camera

Big Digit SOS Phone is another quality solution for visually impaired and hearing-impaired users. First of all, it is worth noting the huge keyboard, which is very important for devices of this type. In addition, the developers have taken care of a special button for emergencies. On the other hand, the gadget does not have a speech recognition function, but not all users need such functionality.

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