Website Construction, Website Design, And Development

Website Construction, Website Design, And Development

Modern website design is much more than just creating websites with attractive designs. Ensuring the best user experience, search engine optimization, and the use of modern and personalized technical details, are just some of the key elements that make website development effective and competitive with the market.

In today’s age where digital media has flooded our daily lives, web design is one of the most basic and cost-effective investments. After all, it is no coincidence that 95% of the image that a consumer captures for a business, comes from the professional website of the company.

As with any investment, the goal is to get the most out of your money. With a professional website design to the highest standards and all modern features, it is able to ensure it for you. The websites that we design and develop in Golden Sites are able to offer you real and substantial results.

If you are also interested in a professional website that will gain impressions and competition, all you have to do is fill out the interest form at the bottom of the page. We will contact you with a detailed offer that you will definitely not resist.


The specialized team of web design and development of our company provides a wide range of services, able to fully meet the needs of today’s market. Whether you are interested in developing a dynamic website or building a fully functional and modern online store, we are able to create solutions that make a difference.

The “web design companies” that make their appearance on the internet are growing. However, as mentioned above, the professional design of a website requires a set of technical functions and an excellent combination of aesthetics and functionality.

So many say Web Designers, however, few are the ones who can tell you the results you are looking for. We, with many years of experience in the construction of websites and online stores, have the solution to your every need, no matter how demanding it may be.


Each project we undertake is treated as separate. Only after we understand the specific needs of your business and the requirements you have from a professional website, will we proceed to its design and development. After all, the huge web design portfolio that our company has, is also our proof.

Every website we undertake to build meets the highest standards of a modern web design. In addition to the excellent aesthetic presence and functionality, each of our projects is characterized by a set of functionalities and optimizations.

Responsive- Mobile Friendly Websites

The number of internet users who use mobile smartphones is increasing. In fact, it has been observed that this number has exceeded the use of a computer. In order to ensure the best experience for your website visitors, as well as its effectiveness, we design responsive websites, capable of automatically adapting to any screen size.

However, in addition to responsive design, web design is based on a set of additional optimizations, especially for mobile users. In order for a website to become mobile-friendly, it requires several interventions in its code. Aim to provide the best navigation experience to all your visitors.

Maximum Security

The credibility and reputation of a brand depend to a large extent on the security of its website. In addition to installing an SSL certificate, which includes every website build offered by our company, our experienced developers will ensure the highest levels of security in every aspect of your website.

Especially in cases where your website hosts personal data, we make sure that it meets all the requirements for the security of this data and of course the compliance with the European GDPR Regulation.

High Speeds

Every business wants to offer a great navigation experience on its website. Regardless of the object of the activity, the experience that a visitor will gain from a site will play a decisive role in whether he will return. This is why the importance of a website’s speed is a factor that should not be overlooked.

By ensuring high loading and browsing speeds on your website, we not only manage to provide visitors with the best experience, but at the same time, we enhance the SEO of your page. Which of course will lead to higher rankings in Google and other search engines.

Why Choose Us In Website Construction?

Because we simply have all the necessary knowledge, expertise, and experience to provide effective solutions to the needs of your business. We do not rely on specific standards and we create personalized solutions based on your respective requirements.

This, combined with the high standards and low cost, makes the construction of websites by Golden Sites the most efficient and reliable solution.

Contact us and tell us about your own website. We will implement your idea in the most appropriate and professional way.

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