Banner Advertising Vs. online advertising

Banner Advertising Vs. online advertising

We’ve compared two ways for your ad to be placed. Which one is more advantageous? Do you think it’s Online advertising because no one notices the banners outside? Are you sure? After all, it was on the 5G Internet that people learned to jump through the view of the place where the advertisement is located. In our article, you will learn where the real truth lies.

Benefits of banner advertising

Imagine the situation. You are sitting in the car, the music is playing, you are thinking and suddenly a red traffic light comes in front of you. You stop, you stare into space, the green light comes on, the cars in front of you run and you with them. As you go, the text that you feel you have just read suddenly pops up in your head. Do you think that blank view of the traffic light was really that empty? Then why do you have the text from the billboard that was at the traffic light in your head?

These large, visually striking displays, strategically positioned in high-traffic areas, leverage the power of repetition to reinforce brand messaging. Their size and visibility make them hard to ignore, and their creative designs can evoke emotions and engage viewers effectively. Banner production by commercial printing services ensures that these print advertisements are not only eye-catching but also well-crafted, enhancing their impact and recall value in the minds of the audience.

You don’t even need to be present for your eyes and head to register what’s going on around you. If that were the case, you would have to deliberately look for billboards with your eyes to remember an advertisement. That’s the magic. Just a peripheral look and an advertisement from a mast about a local pizzeria will slip into your subconscious. Do you still think that banner advertising is not effective? So what about the people waiting at the bus stop? It stands a few minutes directly in front of the advertisement.

Banner advertising costs

You don’t need the software to tell you how many people have seen your ad, like online advertising. You simply rent advertising space, say for 100 €. You pay for graphics to make your ad look. Send something to the account of the company that will print your ad. Total price? It will not be more than € 300 for one billboard. The price also includes printing and graphics. For each additional billboard, it will be + 100 €.

The biggest benefits of banner advertising

Banner advertising is one of the most effective ways to make your business known. In America, up to 70% of drivers will notice PPC advertising on the road. Since people work the same everywhere, it can be expected that a similar number is with us. Thus, banner advertising has the upper hand in some things compared to online advertising, but there are also disadvantages why not invest in it.

Pros of banner advertising

They occur in visible places

You can’t be constantly on the lookout and avoid looking at ads. Sometimes you don’t even expect it and your eyes stop on advertising. The minimum time you can own your billboard is 30 days. Imagine that someone has a way around your billboard every day. If the billboard is clearly visible, there is no way for a person not to notice it in that month.

Attractive visuals work wonders

What will be etched in your memory more? The text that the ad is trying to communicate or an image of a gray banana? The human mind remembers an image rather than text. Of course, there are also exceptional cases, such as a song from a company selling lingerie. Cheerful dancing hamsters in boxers. You’ve probably remembered the song and it’s drilling in your head again. You’re welcome.

Rapid increase in the chart

If people walking around your billboard say they need what you offer them, you can expect an unusual increase in sales of your products/services. Of course, it must be a quality advertisement from which it is clear. In combination with a quality product, success cannot belong in coming.

Cons of banner advertising

The difficulty of targeting your ad to a certain group of people

Unlike online advertising, where the algorithm determines who to show your ad to, you don’t have a choice for banner advertising. You can try to change this in part by renting a billboard. For example, if your target group is young people, it could be, for example, in boarding schools. However, this ad will not be 100% perfect.

A few seconds may not be enough

When driving a car, you don’t have much time to notice what the billboard is trying to tell you. It’s usually a few seconds and you probably won’t stop just to see the ad in detail. But there is a lot more time at the bus stop, shopping center or directly on public transport.

Benefits of online advertising

This way of making the world known about itself is becoming more popular every year. There are several reasons for this. For example, you can have advertising on social networks for only a few euros. To do this directly targeted the people who have the best chance of becoming your customers. If you travel online, online advertising will follow you. It may have sounded scary, but it’s not that bad. Sometimes an ad will run on you with what you last searched for.

Sometimes you talk about something out loud and suddenly you see it as an advertisement on your device. Other times, you will be entertained by kittens on Youtube when your entertainment is interrupted by advertising. You may decide to search for something, and the first thing that appears on your screen will be a paid promotion for the product you are looking for. Taking it from the opposite perspective, it’s a great way to target your ads. These include Google search, Youtube, Instagram, Email, and more.

The cost of online advertising

As mentioned, you pay Google Ads for clicks on an ad or action taken. With us, the price per click is from 0.10 € to 2 €. It depends on the type of industry in which the ad is listed. The cheapest advertising per click is for training courses. On the contrary, finances and loans are at the opposite end of the list and their price is the most expensive. You can also go to the CPM option, which is a payment made for every 1000 views.

Youtube asks for 1 to 2 cents per view. With CPM, it costs € 2 to € 3 per thousand views. Facebook and Instagram social networks have the same prices. Although both have different impacts, depending on the specific audience, the price of a daily budget starts at € 1 per day.

The biggest benefits of online advertising

It is no news that people spend hours of their free time online. Exactly where your ad should be missing. It is still true that online advertising is one of the most effective ways companies can find new customers. It is, therefore, one of the most effective ways of advertising and will be for many years to come.

Pros of online advertising

Precisely targeted advertising

When setting up your ad, you can choose exactly who sees your ad. In the online world, you can choose exactly whether only women or men will see your ad, and what age category. You also have accurate data on how many people saw and clicked on your ad.

Easy for your wallet

You only pay € 100 for the billboard rental itself. What would you have to pay for such a price if you invested it in online advertising? With online advertising, you do not pay for rent, graphics, or printing. Sure, you can hire graphics to create an ad, but you still only pay for each ad impression or click.

Disadvantages of online advertising

Not everyone has internet access

Although time is moving forward and it is no longer a problem to find the older generation on the Internet, there are still not as many people as in the offline space. For example, the destination you’re looking for maybe use a different browser, or it won’t take much time on the Internet to capture your ad.

You can’t have ads everywhere

For this reason, ads appear on side-by-side websites. No quality site wants to ruin your traffic by stretching your ad to full screen. This makes targeting more difficult. Visitors to the portal always read the content in the middle and do not even notice the side banners.


Each method of advertising has its pros and cons. There is no perfect way to guarantee that you will be 100% successful. Yes, you will find more efficient and inefficient ways. But none is perfect. We believe we’ve helped you get a little closer to deciding which way of advertising is best for you.

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