Conciliation: Reduction Of Working Hours For Childcare

Conciliation: Reduction Of Working Hours For Childcare

At Techeminds, we understand conciliation as a fundamental value. We believe that the organization must ensure the well-being of the people who form it because only in this way is it possible to establish a healthy commitment. In this article, we will talk about the reduction in working hours for the care of the children that the workers at Techeminds enjoy.

Bearing this premise in mind, we have worked on specific strategies for work-life balance, equality, and the promotion of diversity, which translate into concrete measures such as reducing the working day to care for childcare or facilities for reconciling work and family life, which In fact, they have been endorsed with the  EFR Certificate.

Helping the members of our organization to be able to take care of their children due to a reduced working day seems to us to be a necessary commitment that we are working on to guarantee one of the main objectives of conciliation.

Reduction of working hours for conciliation

Today our legislation and collective agreements establish that workers, both men, and women, have the right to reduce their working hours for the care of children under 12 years of age (with a proportional decrease in salary ). This reduction may be at least one-eighth of their daily shift and, at most, half.

One of the main objectives we set ourselves at Techeminds when facilitating work-life balance has been flexibility. We understand flexibility as a formula to find a balance between professional life and personal life, being able to obtain an ordinary day if necessary. 

Currently, 10% of the people who make up the workforce have adopted this measure, these reductions being even lower than the minimums contemplated by law. On the other hand, it should be noted that cuts in working hours can also be requested to care for the elderly.

In addition, we want to offer an attractive work environment in which employees feel that they have full team support and can focus on pursuing their work goals without feeling that their personal lives are being neglected.

maternity and paternity leave

At Techeminds, we also have uninterrupted 16-week maternity leave and 7-week paternity leave (two more than the law stipulates), and we offer workers the possibility of requesting continued breastfeeding leave if they have minor children. Of 9 months, which can be enjoyed by both the father and mother indistinctly, and through which the employee is granted 15 working days, or enjoy a reduction of one hour per day or even divide this hour into two fractions.

Other conciliation measures

In parallel, to consolidate our commitment to work-life balance, at Techeminds, we promote other flexibility measures, such as “days without school,” responding to the needs of 39% of the members of our organization with children under 12 years of age, in which activities are organized on non-school days for boys and girls that include travel, activities, and food; In this way, parents do not have to request days off, and their children spend a fun day doing recreational activities related to caring for the environment.

At Techeminds, we also have the birthday afternoon off for the employee and two direct family members. In addition, we have a “family medical insurance,” contracted through flexible remuneration in which our staff members can include their relatives as beneficiaries. 

In this sense, our conciliation policy contemplates permits so that the worker can be absent to attend specific meetings and medical or family matters of their children or elderly dependents.

In short, at Techeminds, we understand that our main value is people, which is why it is essential to establish measures that improve the well-being and quality of life of workers, taking into account their particular needs, to offer a positive environment that involves and Motivate employees to give the best results and achieve their professional satisfaction.

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