What Are Progressive Web Apps?

What Are Progressive Web Apps?

If in recent months, you have heard about PWAs (Progressive Web Apps) or Progressive Web Applications, and you still have a question about what all this is about, then this post is for you. It is common to hear that they are the new option for creating native mobile applications, but are they? Or what do they offer?

Next, we will explain in simple words what this new alternative to application development is all about.

What are PWAs

Progressive Web Apps are just that – web apps. They are applications that run in the browser, such as Olx or Spotify. However, the word ‘progressive’ makes it clear that this is not a simple web application. Indeed, these web applications have unique characteristics that make them super attractive to the market’s new needs.

The most striking feature of a PWA is its ability to function optimally on mobile devices. Web technologies have been evolving and attentive to today’s users’ needs.

To finish with the explanation, it is worth mentioning that a PWA allows us to do exciting things, such as creating a launch icon and having it installed on the mobile. This will enable us to turn our favorite website into a mobile application, giving it its icon and using exciting features such as push notifications and operation without an Internet connection.


In short, they are still web applications but with modern web features. Not all web applications are advanced since the creators of the said web must carry out an update or develop a web application with these characteristics from scratch.

PWAs may be endowed with the following features on mobile phones:

  • Offline operation
  • Push notifications
  • Background sync
  • The icon on the main screen
  • Improved performance on 3G connections
  • Access to native features such as camera and geolocation

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