Tools For Online Mentoring

Tools For Online Mentoring

Online Mentoring needs certain resources so that we can carry it out in a correct and optimized way. Some of these tools are not programs or applications, but rather certain elements that will help us to keep order and not lose track of the important issues to be discussed.

If you are a mentor or are about to receive mentorship, consider this article to improve the experience of online mentoring.

Where do we connect for online mentoring?

This is the first thing we must take into account, which tool will be in charge of connecting both parties for online mentoring. It is very important to choose a tool that allows us to share documents, show our screen, and especially in which we can maintain a stable connection.

Maintaining a fluid conversation is key to understanding every point that is made during mentoring. Remember that being online you must have good internet service to avoid falls. Within the options, I recommend:

Google Meet

You can schedule it in the calendar and have it always present. It is easy to share screens and add people if necessary, you can also share your Google Drive documents in Google Workspace.


You have a whiteboard for annotations, screen sharing is very easy and when several people participate it works better than other options.

Microsoft Teams

The best thing about this option is that you can record the session. In case both parties agree. It’s great, as the mentee will be able to see it again when in doubt.

Skype for business

It is one of the most used, accounts in the same way with videoconferences, calls, and instant messaging. Its image and sound resolution are excellent.

You can test each option with a student and stick with the one that works best for both parties. Remember that what works best for me may not be the ideal option for you.

Share screen or show slides?

Both options are completely valid, everything will depend on the tool you use and how it is easier to display the information for you. The important thing is that we have some pictures that provide us with what we need to explain to our students, whether they are graphics or key elements.

You don’t have to create an entire exhibit with too many sheets. We only have to show and highlight those points that can be better understood graphically. The options I shared above will help you show what you need optimally.

The important thing is that you do not stop seeing yourself so that you can have a better connection with whoever is watching and listening to you and not miss any important information, both from the picture and what you are saying.

Where can I get this information?

The sheets can be created in Canva and have them in PDF to ensure that each element will be on your site. When it is data, infographics, or graphics that you must share with the student of your online mentoring, I recommend having them in the drive. So you can send them the links and they have them at hand at that moment, to verify or to review later.

It is best to manage all the information online. This way, the changes will be seen by each member that requires it and in real-time. And there is greater security in terms of equipment failures; If we only have the information on our computer or tablet and it fails, we would lose everything. So a backup is always important.

What other resources do I need for online mentoring?

Notebook or agenda to take notes

Any information or doubt that we have, we can write it down and have it on hand for the moment it is required. Keeping notes is necessary for all mentoring, we will not be able to memorize everything, so the annotations will help us remember key points.

Cards or notes

This is for the mentor to keep an order of ideas and not start wandering between one information and another. It works for private or group online mentoring. You also don’t need a lot, only the ones that are really going to help you.


Online mentoring is about taking prompt action to improve the factors that are needed. Having a workbook will help us carry out the necessary activities in an orderly and optimized way.

Direct communication channel

Together with the video conferencing tool, we need a direct communication channel. In case doubts or questions arise between one mentoring session and another. WhatsApp or Telegram could work.

I hope these tools help you! Tell me which ones you use.

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