What Is The Key To Online Marketing?

What Is The Key To Online Marketing?

Let’s see the key to successful online marketing, the interconnections, and how to use them best.

This question can be answered in several ways. The first answer is knowledge of the field and the ability to pass it on in intelligible speech. Another relevant answer is an experienced consultant who understands the client’s needs, knows his business, and knows how to interpret data. PPC campaign management will show how we appreciate your business.

Definition of goals

At PPC, we are used to the fact that campaigns must fulfil set “goals” at the best possible price. We usually talk about getting leads, purchases from e-shops, and increasing fans on fan pages on social networks. Of course, if the goal is to build brand awareness, then we evaluate the success of campaigns and other activities with an appropriately chosen survey. The choice of targets says a lot about whether you understand the business habits of customers. We most often define goal measurement in Google Analytics.


I often get a magical question at meetings: How is our competition doing? 

In online marketing, we can answer it promptly. Google Analytics knows  Benchmark – Comparison. We can see the data if we have enabled anonymous data sharing.

We can get the following data from these dimensions:

  • Default  channel grouping (Social Networks, Direct Traffic, Referral, Organic Search, Paid Search, Display and Email channels)
  • Location (country or territory)
  • Device (such as desktop, mobile, and tablet)

We have information on these metrics:

  • Number of sessions
  • % of new sessions
  • Number of sessions from new users
  • Number of pages per session
  • Average session duration
  • Bounce rate

We can see how we compare to our domestic competition, but we can also look at information about markets in other countries. Most often, we encounter the fact that some channel lags behind others. You have to compare yourself with the best on the market.

Addressing traffic from Organic Searches will also improve the results of getting traffic from Paid searches. Campaigns focused on the brand will lead to the growth of Direct traffic. The benchmark will help determine which path we can take. Let’s prefer the source where we can create quality content for the user.


Google Analytics allows us to create influential audiences and customer segments.

We can create audiences according to the following:

  • Active users
  • Demographic data – age, gender
  • Geographic data – language, region
  • Behaviour – new and returning users, frequency and recency, interaction
  • Technology – browser and OS, network
  • Mobile devices – a specific type of device
  • Custom – defined by the user, e.g. inclusion of the user in the rebate category

Remarketing audiences – audiences based on achieved goals

  • different remarketing audiences formed based on audience segments


When setting up PPC campaigns, goals and audiences are always set in Google Analytics, and an overview of how online marketing options are used is obtained. Advertising campaigns in AdWords will tell how the website is doing regarding the relevance of content to keywords and the relevance of landing pages to relevant advertising – we will know the quality score.

Quality Score

Quality Score estimates the quality of your ads, keywords, and landing pages.

It is a numerical expression of the relationship between the relevance of the advertisement to the selected keywords, to the landing page of the ad and the expected click-through rate (CTR). Its value ranges from 1 to 10, with 10 being the best value. The quality score affects the price and position achieved by the ad.

SEO on page factory

The relevance between the advertisement and the chosen keywords is evaluated based on SEO on-page factors such as the title, main h1 heading and short description. The little traffic also indicates the room for improvement of SEO on-page factors from Organic Search from the Benchmark comparison in Google Analytics.

In conclusion

Let’s answer the question: What is the key to online marketing?

The fastest way to get to the data is through a PPC report, you monitor the fulfilment of goals in Google Analytics, and you can see the ways to develop other online activities.

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