HDFC Credit Card: HDFC Bank Recovers Swiftly from RBI Ban to Launch Digital Card

HDFC Credit Card: HDFC Bank Recovers Swiftly from RBI Ban to Launch Digital Card

HDFC credit cards come among the first few choices among customers due to the numerous benefits, discounts, and loyalty reward programs they offer. Digital credit card is an upcoming variant of these cards that once encountered a ban from the Reserve Bank of India. However, the central bank has recently dismissed the ban, letting the lender launch this new and ambitious credit card and enhance its market expansion.

You can apply for the digital card after its launch to secure promotional offers HDFC Bank provides. After applying, you can check the HDFC credit card application status both online and offline to know whether the lender has approved your request.

What was the Ban on Digital Card About?

The Reserve Bank of India or RBI had imposed a restriction on HDFC Bank in December 2020. It directed the lender to put an end to the launching of digital credit cards and allied business-generating ventures for getting new customers. This came as a response to some problems pertaining to the data centre.

RBI has now lifted the ban on issuing digital credit cards. So, HDFC Bank envisions not only issuing and distributing the card but also promoting engagement with customers by enhancing its consumer-centric values and benefits.

What Advantages Does a Digital Credit Card Come With?

Like regular physical credit cards, you will be able to purchase your items and pay for your expenses online through a digital credit card. You will have to manage every aspect of your card online, starting from your purchases to making repayments.

One of the major objectives of HDFC Bank in launching this credit card is to make new users habituated to various aspects of credit cards. For example, customers will be able to understand how they purchase items and repay later, how the bill is generated, etc. This way, they can learn to manage credit cards effectively and can gradually get upgraded to other types of credit cards extended by HDFC.

At present, HDFC has various types of credit cards both for salaried and self-employed individuals. Some of these cards are partnered with other brands and some others are extended by the lender itself. You can choose any of these credit cards according to your interests (lifestyle/fuel/travel/business). It will help you secure offers on items for which you spend the most. It is quite easy and simple to apply for and check the status of the HDFC credit card in both online and offline modes.

How to Apply for HDFC Credit Cards

Here are the steps you need to follow to apply for the HDFC credit card:

Step 1: Visit the portal of HDFC Bank and navigate to the credit card section
Step 2: Go through different cards that HDFC Bank extends and choose one after checking their eligibility criteria
Step 3: Fill in the application form for that card and submit the necessary documents

After this, you will get an application reference number. Keep that saved for future use.

Ways to Check HDFC Credit Card Status Online

Here are two ways of checking the status of your application for an HDFC credit card online:

1. Using the Reference Number

You need to follow the simple steps mentioned below:

Step 1: Visit the official portal of HDFC
Step 2: Go to credit card section
Step 3: Access ‘Important Links’ section and click on ‘Track Credit Card Application Status’
Step 4: Enter the 16-digit reference number you have received during your application process for the credit card
Step 5: Tap on ‘Submit’

2. Using the Registered Mobile Number

You need to follow the steps mentioned below to get the application status of your credit card using your mobile number:

Step 1: Access the credit card section in HDFC portal
Step 2: Go to the ‘Track Credit Card Application’ section
Step 3: Enter your mobile number and birth date in respective sections
Step 4: Click ‘Submit’

After you complete all these steps, you can see your current application status of the HDFC credit card.

Ways to Check HDFC Credit Card Status Offline

As an alternative to online methods, HDFC also lets its customers get their credit card status offline. You have two options for this, as mentioned below:

1. Using the Toll-Free Number

There are general, international, and various other city-specific toll-free HDFC credit card customer care numbers. To get your credit card’s application status you will have to dial the general toll-free number for HDFC credit cards – 1800-266-4332 from your registered phone number only. Following this, you will have to tell your reference and application number to the HDFC representative. He/she will check the present status of your card and inform you about it.

2. Visiting Branch of HDFC

You will have to undergo the same process by visiting your branch of HDFC. After accessing the branch, you will have to reach out to the concerned representative and tell them the application and reference numbers. They will convey the status of your HDFC card instantly.

Different Types of HDFC Credit Card Status

If you are checking the status of your HDFC card, you should ideally know the meanings of different statuses. These are as mentioned below:

  • In Progress: Bank is reviewing your request
  • On Hold: Bank has found a discrepancy regarding your application
  • Approved: Your application has been accepted and you will get your credit card soon
  • Dispatched: Your card is on the way
  • Rejected: Bank has disapproved your request
  • No Records Found: You may have put in incorrect data

It is quite simple to apply for and check the status of the HDFC credit card online. Now that you are aware, you can even independently interpret the meaning of your status.

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