One Day In The Life Of a Social Media Manager.

One Day In The Life Of a Social Media Manager.

Many people are interested in what such a social media manager does all day. Their idea is mostly the same. He is a man sitting for 8 hours at a computer, scrolling through Facebook, Instagram, TikTok and other social networks .

Yes, I’m sitting at a computer, but my job is more than just scrolling. In order to better imagine what the work of a social media manager at VIVANTINA looks like, I will describe my normal working day in this article.

Good morning, social media manager!

It’s 7:30 in the morning. Today’s first coffee time. I turn on the computer and run my new emails so I know roughly what awaits me today. After drinking coffee, I take my dog ​​for a short walk, where I always prepare internally for a new day, get some fresh air and think about today’s responsibilities. After walking the sets in front of the computer, I’m going for it.

Emails first

First of all, I always check client accounts on social networks. This is to see if their accounts are working and that the ads are working as well. After this quick check, I’ll pounce on the emails. Everyday I receive several emails from colleagues and also clients who either inform me about something new in their company, send information to new posts or ask anything that interests them.

I devote as much time to email as they require. However, if I feel that it would take me too long to reply to an email, I would rather call the client, explain things to him and have a nice conversation together. Clients like it when a social media manager explains things to them as quickly as possible, and I always like to hear them.

Now the content

When I have my e-mails finally ready (I usually catch them before lunch), I’ll have a quick lunch with my friends and set up in front of the computer again. I am opening Adobe Photoshop and preparing graphics for a new post to be published the next day. 

The graphics would be done. Now it’s time for the text. People often think that I will write anything and the text is done. Well, if it was that easy, everyone would. Creating good and engaging text is sometimes hours of work, especially if it is a very important post or text for the web or other things. 

When I have all the posts done, again check the emails, unsubscribe and move on. If necessary, I will set up ad campaigns or post boosting. I will respond to new comments or fan messages and, if more professional intervention is required, I will contact the client for an answer. 

In the afternoon I spend time reading news from the world of marketing or specifically in the field of social networks. Of course, this also includes education in the form of books. I am currently reading the book Copywriting , from which I draw rare advice on how to improve my texts, for example in terms of SEO, attention-grabbing or appropriate focus. Continuing education is a necessity in this profession.

Online 24/7

The watch shows 5:00 pm, which means for most people: it rang, we’re going home. However, I am not finishing my working day yet. I sit down with a notebook and write down new ideas, observations and plan another working day, which takes me 2 hours. 

I rarely put my phone down, which almost every social media manager knows. I am available to clients or colleagues at any time, because the world of marketing does not sleep even on weekends. 

Although this work looks unpretentious, it is really challenging. One spends a lot of time on constant education and one’s creative mind must always be active. However, I love my job because it gives me a certain freedom that I like and the opportunity to help companies and people to become visible and build friendly relationships with their customers.

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