7 Best Articles On Artificial Intelligence In 2021

7 Best Articles On Artificial Intelligence In  2021

With the holiday season in full swing, it’s time to remember the contribution of Artificial Intelligence in 2021. I will do this by collecting all the best practice tips and materials published that can be applied to businesses, organizations, and governments around the world in the new year

Recent Microsoft research has found a direct relationship between the use of Artificial Intelligence technologies and the ability of an organization to increase and maintain its competitive advantage.

So, without further ado, here’s a round-up of seven of the best journalistic works on the challenges, benefits, and opportunities of AI in 2019.

How to deploy Artificial Intelligence in your organization

Do you want to use AI for your business? Have you started preparing but are not sure how to make progress? Rob Marvin and Brian T. Horowitz of PCMag published an excellent article in November explaining ” 10 Steps to Implementing AI in Your Business .” This article is a fantastic resource for any business owner or entrepreneur looking to streamline processes, save time, and improve your ROI.

Leverage AI to Leverage a Competitive Advantage for Your Business

In May 2019, Tim Gordon published an article titled ” AI Strategy 101: How To Create Sustainable Competitive Advantage With Artificial Intelligence .” This article includes six points that reveal AI best practices and help you use this technology to your advantage throughout 2020.

Successful Artificial Intelligence implementation

In May of this year, Becoming Human published an Infopulse article discussing “How AI is Embedded in 5 Different Industries .” If you work in finance, retail, manufacturing, telecommunications, or automotive, check out this article.

Innovative customer experience

Additionally, in May, Daniel Newman of Forbes published an article entitled ” 5 Ways AI Is Changing Customer Experience .” Live Help, Personalization, 24/7 Availability, Privacy, and Self-Service Empowerment are all covered in this informative article.

Shaping the future of marketing

Marketers take note that The Journal of the Academy of Marketing Science has published a long article entitled How Artificial Intelligence Will Change the Future of Marketing. If you are a serious marketer, I recommend reading this article. It contains great use cases, meaningful content, and actionable advice on how AI technology will evolve and shape the way we promote products, services, and brands.

Caring for medical patients

In October of this year, Appen.com published ” News from the AI ​​and Machine Learning Industry: AI in Patient and Operational Care, AI as a Preventive Tool, and How Large Hospitals Are Already Using AI .” If you are a healthcare professional, this article will help you understand the full power of AI in the healthcare industry. If you are friends with a healthcare professional, this is worth sharing.

Artificial Intelligence Ethics and Responsibility

In January of this year, AITrends.com discussed the social and ethical issues surrounding AI in an article entitled ” Our Responsibility to Ensure Our AI is Ethical and Moral .” This part examines six key issues that companies can face when adapting their AI processes.


It has been a fantastic year for AI, ML, and Data Science in general. As an author, I felt obligated to research and publish provocative, informative, and helpful material on topics in the industry. I hope you found this article helpful and wish you all the best in your future AI endeavors.

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