G Suite Cloud Solution For High Business Profitability

G Suite Cloud Solution For High Business Profitability

What needs to be done to make the business profitable?

It is based on the truths familiar to all. For a company to be successful, you need:

  • A close-knit, ready-to-work team;
  • Business plan and development strategy.

And one more significant point: the product obtained as a result of the activity must be of high quality and in demand on the market.

The above is obvious, but more is required to grow your business. The current situation imposes its own requirements, among which is the high efficiency of decision-making and information transfer. For full-fledged work, if necessary, to compete with other companies, you need to adapt to these conditions.

Today, no one signs a contract for weeks, and an excuse like “I was absent from the office and could not get acquainted with the information” will most likely cause a smile.

Faster is better

And here again, the statement, which has set the teeth on edge for the majority – the faster the decision is made, the more chances of success. To respond in a timely manner to a situation, you need to know literally everything about it before it takes place – and this is the only way of doing business possible today. It is possible to make decisions quickly, but for this, it is necessary to meet a number of conditions:

  • The mobility of the technologies and devices used.
  • The use of tools to help organize the work of the team.
  • Complete safety guarantee.

Let’s touch on each of the aspects in more detail.

G Suite – Mobility

Using G Suite in your work, you can have access to information all the time and be in touch from anywhere. For this, any device is used, despite the choice – iOs or Android -, Google Apps works fine in any conditions.

For example, a standard situation is suitable: a company employee is waiting for a flight. Free time – the sea, I do not want to waste it on stupid toys at all. With G Suite, during these hours you can:

  • Send correspondence to employees using Gmail. If there is no Internet, work continues offline – all letters will be forwarded as soon as the connection is restored.
  • Organize online communication – it will take the user seconds.
  • Create an action plan using the calendar, study intervals convenient for partners. All information about this will be provided by Google.
  • Take a photo against the background of the takeoff by posting the photo on social networks. Work is work, but nothing human is alien to serious people!

Teamwork with G Suite

Having information is great, but you also need to be able to use it correctly. Well-coordinated teamwork will help you develop and improve new ideas, based on the principles of the G Suite. They are ideal for real-time collaboration — everything you need to organize everything is provided.

But what if more than one team is involved in the project? In this case, it is not easy to do without G Suite at all, because this solution can provide everything you need.

It is possible to save the necessary documents to Google Drive with access control. Any employee and anyone who has the appropriate link can open files, make changes, leave comments. If there is a situation in which it is impossible to allow the preservation of copies, it is enough to simply put an appropriate prohibition. It is also easy to limit the access time to the file when the project requires it.

To be more efficient, you can use Google Docs to provide the best possible collaboration experience. It is also interesting that they do not take up space on Google Drive at all. You can also work offline – the user is allowed to view data at all times.

Creating and making changes to documents online is extremely easy using the solution. The work can be carried out together with colleagues – at the same time, up to fifty people are connected to the project. You can also work with Google Docs on the road, receiving notifications about relevant networks.

Thanks to the use of Google forms, information can be received quickly. A request is formed, it is sent out, and in response, charts and tables are received, the correctness of which can be determined using Google Forms. You need to specify the available answer options, and they will be graded automatically.

The results are offered as a file. A website can be created in literally five minutes, without using a single page of code. All team members can work with the resource, just like with any Google documents.


But it is impossible to assess all the advantages of the solution without touching on the topic of security.

In this area, G Suite is ahead of the rest. When connecting to applications, two-step authentication is used – to confirm the password, you need to enter the confirmation code that will be sent to the user on the smartphone. A number of persons involved in the project within the company or outside of it can be allowed to get acquainted with the information.

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