Seven Plugins That Must Not Be Missing On The WordPress Site

Seven Plugins That Must Not Be Missing On The WordPress Site

WordPress is one of the most used CMS systems in the world. Although it was first created as a platform for blogs, it is now much more widely used, and there are millions of corporate websites or e-shops built on WordPress on the Internet. The advantage of WordPress is that it is free for everyone, and in its essential functions, it provides an intuitive interface even for people without programming knowledge. You can do almost anything on a WordPress site with plugins and extensions. But what can’t your WordPress site miss?

1. Wordfence Security

The security of your website should come first. In addition to the fact that the SSL certificate is now an integral part of the site, it is necessary to think about the security of WordPress. Because WordPress is the most widely used content management system, many hackers are constantly working on new ways to break into the system. The Wordfence Security plugin uses a firewall at the endpoint of the server, which provides better protection than cloud solutions. It also works with a malware scanner built from the ground up to protect WordPress. It allows you to search the web for vulnerabilities, notify you by e-mail and automatically block dangerous IP addresses. The basic version is free and offers a premium variant for more functions.

2. Yoast SEO

Search engine optimization is a great way to increase website traffic. Several factors currently influence SEO, so one of the great helpers on a WordPress site is the Yoast SEO plugin. This plugin can playfully set important SEO factors such as the title, meta description, or canonical elements. You can also enable XML sitemaps on the web. This plugin is one of the most popular plugins, and you can use it in the free or premium version.

3. Compress JPEG & PNG images

Images on the web complete the overall graphics and help your visitors imagine what your site is about. However, it would be best to keep in mind that large images slow down the web. The Compress JPEG & PNG images plugin automatically compresses and resizes images as you set them after uploading. After compression and resizing, the image quality remains the same. It also supports image resizing in WooCommerce, a great helper in an e-shop. This plugin has a simple interface, and you can compress up to 500 images per month for free.

4. Redirection

Site redirection is fundamental when you need to delete some content on the site, and you do not want to lose the site’s authority. With the Redirection plugin, you can quickly and intuitively set the redirection of a given page on the web to another. This plugin will also help you track 404 pages on your site which need to be corrected or redirected. Redirection is entirely free.

5. WP fastest cache

On each website, a visitor view requests a server. He will send the result to this visitor’s search engine. The server caches everything it does on the web, which speeds up the page’s retrieval. The WP fastest cache plugin has several unique features. This plugin speeds up websites and improves their performance. To reduce file size, the plugin minimizes HTML and CSS files. It has an intuitive setup and provides a free and a premium version.

6. Contact Form 7

Being in touch with visitors to your site is essential, so if you don’t already have a contact form on your site, we recommend that you work it out. Because you can have your contact information published on the website, it is more convenient for website visitors to fill in the contact form. The Contact Form 7 plugin will help you with that. This plugin is one of the oldest for providing documents and the most downloaded. You can create an unlimited number of forms in it, it exists in a free version, and there are already many extensions today, which increase its usability. For beginners, working with WordPress can be a bit more challenging to set up, but it is completely free and compatible with other plugins is an advantage for different types of forms.

7. Easy Social Sharing

Linking a website to social networks is now an integral part of any marketing strategy. The social buttons on the web are used to encourage visitors to share your content with social networks. This will increase the visibility and awareness of the site. The Easy Social Sharing plugin provides an easy way to display the various sharing buttons. In this plugin, you can choose from multiple button layouts and designs. The plugin is offered free of charge.

This article provides a list of seven WordPress plugins in free versions to help you improve your website. Since WordPress is an extensive system, you will undoubtedly find many other plugins for each area we discussed in the article. So if any of the above plugins don’t suit you, don’t despair, you can choose from the many other paid, or free WordPress provides.

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