SIM Card Router: To Enjoy The Internet On Vacation

SIM Card Router: To Enjoy The Internet On Vacation

The holidays are the perfect time to travel. Still, in many accommodations, the internet connection can be weak, or the owners of the vacation rentals do not install a WIFI connection. In recent years, the SIM card router has become popular, a device that accompanies all travellers this summer and people who telecommute around the world.

In today’s article, we take advantage of the summer season to explain the characteristics of the router with a SIM card and a comparison of models according to each company. Keep reading!

What is a router with a SIM card for?

The SIM card router is a device that offers Internet connection through mobile data without using the mobile as an access point and through a SIM card. It is a 3G, 4G or 5G router, which creates a WIFI network that allows you to connect to the Internet without ADSL or fiber, although it will depend on your 4G or 5G coverage rate you have contracted.

With the withdrawal of roaming in Europe, the drop in tariff prices and the expansion of 5G, it is increasingly possible to maintain a stable connection almost anywhere with mobile data, which is why this device is one of the most suitable options for hook up on your vacation.

The SIM card router connects to the Internet from anywhere, even without cables if you buy a wireless one, through a WIFI connection connected to mobile data. There are three types of SIM card routers:

The simplest is to create an access point on the devices to which they are connected via a SIM card and can be wireless or need to be connected to a power outlet.

Apart from working as a traditional ADSL or fiber router, those that work as a 4G or 5G WIFI router to which a SIM card can be added generally require power.

Router connectivity 

With the popularity of telecommuting, telephone operators have already adopted plans that support the flexibility of being able to take your router with you wherever you want.

Even so, they recommend reasonable use, in which there is no “network congestion,” as indicated by Movistar, which on these occasions gives less priority to direct downloads or traffic corresponding to P2P portals, or whatever it is. Same for those who use the SIM card in a router.

Companies are proposing using MiFi devices that share connections, work with a data SIM card, and create a WIFI network, but they do not have a specific plan for router connections with a SIM card. Movistar, Vodafone and Orange propose the following strategies:

Movistar Plan

In the case of Movistar, they offer the Internet Radio rate, which is the option for those who do not have ADSL or Fiber coverage at home, and for this, they provide a service through Radio coverage.

This service uses 3G and 4G mobile data with up to 20 Mbps speeds. The price of this service as of the publication of this article is €52 per month.

Vodafone plan

At Vodafone, they offer the Flexible Second Residence Internet plan, in which they promote the service of being able to connect and pay for the days you need by choosing the duration.

The SIM card router is the self-installing MiFi model, which you can take wherever you need. In this plan, the SIM is purchased with rechargeable bonuses that start at €2.25 per month for 24 months (as payment for the 4G router)

Map of Orange

Orange offers the 4G plan at home for those who do not want or cannot install fiber at home. This router with a SIM card must be connected to the electrical network, and according to the company, it allows sharing the 4G network with multiple Wi-Fi devices with speeds of up to 150 Mbps.

The price of this is €19.97 per month applying a discount they offer, and then it would be €39.95 per month. The drawback of this plan is that it has a duration of 24 months, so it is not so focused on travel, but more on telecommuting, for example.

We hope that this article has been helpful for you to understand the use of the router with a SIM card and to be able to acquire the most suitable one for your needs. If you’re going on vacation but only going online occasionally and don’t want to buy a router, you can read this article on how to connect to public networks safely.

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