Are You Trending? As Someone Says And What They Feel Like

Are You Trending? As Someone Says And What They Feel Like

In today’s digital landscape, social media trends continue to evolve. Instagram’s popularity is expected to grow, while Facebook remains a powerful platform. TikTok is gaining attention, and LinkedIn is becoming increasingly interesting for professional networking. Twitter, however, may need to perform better.

As social media agencies, focusing on LinkedIn, Facebook, and Instagram is crucial for acquiring and engaging with client’s target audiences. Additionally, the trend of digital detox might gain more prominence shortly.

Is Facebook An Outdated Timer?

Despite the increasing popularity of Instagram, Facebook remains a prevalent performer in the social media landscape. Many businesses have successfully run HR campaigns on Facebook, leveraging its well-designed targeting capabilities to obtain high-quality leads. Facebook continues to enhance its targeting features, sometimes outperforming Google regarding reach and effectiveness.

Advertising on Facebook can still be worthwhile, mainly due to the relatively low cost per click. It is particularly notable in dynamic ads for e-commerce, where various applications enable animated and visually appealing content. Dynamic remarketing on Facebook has proven to play a crucial role in the purchase process, often preceding similar efforts by Google. However, performance, spending, and purchase results may vary based on multiple factors.

Businesses need to analyze and evaluate data to understand the specific impact and effectiveness of Facebook advertising in their particular context. While Facebook remains a robust platform, it’s crucial to consider other channels and factors to develop a comprehensive and effective marketing strategy.

Our Everyday Stories

Instagram Shopping holds significant potential, and we have high expectations for its development. It can surpass Facebook in terms of its approach and audience engagement. The platform attracts a different target group, which requires a distinct tone of voice compared to Facebook. Flipping posts, a common practice in the past must be updated.

Stories on Instagram have proven effective in attracting and engaging this new target audience. They provide an opportunity to include links to websites, allowing businesses to drive traffic and conversions. However, the pressure to create visually appealing and attention-grabbing content will intensify. With the increasing number of posts on Instagram, the competition for awareness will be fierce. With their time-limited nature, stories will continue to grow in popularity as a dynamic and engaging format for sharing content.

Have You Noticed That Linked In Is Finally Remarkable?

LinkedIn is indeed gaining popularity and evolving into a more engaging platform. While its original focus on the professional environment may have shifted slightly, communication on LinkedIn remains robust. It provides a valuable opportunity for campaigns with specific and niche targets that are challenging to define on platforms like Google or Facebook.

Working groups on LinkedIn are influential for long-term campaigns, as they attract professionals from specific industries or job roles. These groups offer a wealth of data and information exchange. Similarly, the trend of creating and joining similar private or public groups can also be observed on Facebook.

How We Looked For

Reddit is a unique social network where communities of programmers and individuals from various fields gather. Advertising on Reddit can be effective, as the platform provides a similar interface for creating and managing ads compared to Facebook or LinkedIn.

One of the advantages of advertising on Reddit is the ability to tap into specific target groups and understand the topics they are discussing. For a recent campaign targeting a specific programming position, Facebook, Instagram, and LinkedIn didn’t yield satisfactory results, and only a few CVs were obtained through Google.

However, Reddit proved to be successful. Despite programmers’ initial unfamiliarity with advertising on social networks, the information spread rapidly within the Reddit community, resulting in increased traffic to the job site. This indicates that while programmers may be present on other platforms, Reddit has a unique appeal and ability to engage with this specific audience, leading to more relevant leads.

How Will It Be?

Social networks will continue introducing updates, some of which may be disappointing, while others are welcomed enthusiastically. Features like Instagram Shopping, videos, and Stories on Instagram and Facebook will likely maintain their popularity among users.


Social media platforms constantly evolve and introduce new features. Each platform has its strengths and target audiences. Businesses must adapt and leverage the platforms that best align with their goals and reach their desired audience.

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